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PubMed Conversion Services

Outsource PubMed Conversion Services

O2I's PubMed Conversion Services can help you convert your medical research papers, manuscripts, journals, etc. into XML or SGML format so that it can be easily submitted to the PubMed Central Library starting at just $6 per hour

PubMed is a database that consists of abstracts and references primarily from the areas of life sciences and biomedical sciences. The audience to the PubMed database ranges from students, research scholars, to just about anyone interested in the recent advancements in medical and related fields. When you plan to work on clinical and biomedical journals, you need to follow certain PubMed formats. Moreover, when there is any content that has to be distributed via PubMed, it has to comply with the JATS or Journal Article Tag Suite specification first. When that’s what you’re planning to do, it is best to outsource PubMed conversion services to a reliable company.

Outsource2india works with publishers, commercial authors, medical institutes and associations, and other document repositories to provide PubMed conversion services for distributing and storing journals, manuscripts, and medical data. When providing our PubMed conversion services, we ensure complete compliance with NLM while submitting information to the PubMed Central Library.

Pubmed Conversion Services We Offer

When you plan to penetrate the market at a broader level and reach more audiences, you need the best PubMed conversion services that are prompt and save you the costs of having to employ manpower. Converting manuscripts and journals to PubMed formats is essential for storing and distributing crucial medical information.

We work with an expert team of PubMed conversion professionals who communicate with clients, understand their needs, and convert journals and manuscripts into PubMed XML format that complies with the JATS specifications.

We work with various types of journals from different fields like environmental, veterinary, dentistry, medicine, public health, and many more. we convert these journals into the NLM prescribed format, which is the PubMed XML formats and work with formats like text, pdf, word, ePub, SGML, etc. Following are the PubMed XML conversion services that we offer -

  • We convert content in various types of format, like word, pdf, text, etc. to XML format taking into consideration all the PubMed conversion standards and regulations.
  • We process formulas, charts, graphic representation figures, and much more to make sure that they’re consistent with the PubMed Central Library.
  • We also provide PubMed conversion services for books, that is, by working on formats like Bookshelf XML and NLM XMS.

Our Pubmed Conversion Process

Outsource2india follows a systematic approach when providing PubMed conversion services. We go about the whole process with the utmost level of professionality and this makes us the best PubMed conversion service provider in the country. We believe in complete transparency to ensure that our clients are always up to date about the status of the project. Here are the steps that we follow when we offer our PubMed conversion services -


01. Understanding the Client’s Requirements

When you reach us via calls, emails, our website, or through any of our social media pages for our PubMed conversion services, we get back to you to understand your requirement. This helps us come up with the scope of the project, resources that would be allocated, PubMed conversion services costs, and a stipulated timeframe. We then communicate these details with you to seek your approval. Once you approve of the scope of the project, we receive the files from you via a secure FTP channel.


02. Conversion Process

With the scope of the project in place, we assign the whole PubMed conversion process to a dedicated project manager and form a team that is specialized to take care of your PubMed conversion requirements. Our team begins with the conversion process and when it is completed, we pass the converted files through a quality check phase.


03. Quality Check

Our team of quality check experts reviews the converted files to make sure that they follow the prescribed PubMed format. The converted files are matched against the client requirements to ensure complete consistency. When there is an error, it is fixed and the files are passed through another quality check stage to make sure there is no scope for errors.


04. Delivery

After the conversion and quality check, we send the files to you and wait for your feedback and approval. When you approve of the final, converted files, we send it to you via DropBox or FTP.

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Why Choose Outsource2india for Pubmed Conversion Services?

There are a host of reasons that make Outsource2india the best PubMed conversion service providing company when you’re looking for conversion services that comply with the standard format. We work with professionals who have been offering PubMed conversion services to our valued clients for years, gaining experience and proficiency with time.

Following are the several benefits of outsourcing PubMed conversion services to Outsource2india -

  • Data Security

    We handle numerous client documents, classified files, and confidential information on a day-to-day basis. We understand how crucial it is to safeguard the data that you trust us with. This is why we adhere to strict data security measures and use systems and tools that allow no third-party access.

  • Reasonable Pricing

    We make it easy for all kinds of publishers and companies to collaborate with us for PubMed conversion services by offering our services at the most reasonable rates. When you outsource PubMed conversion services to us, we analyze your requirements and offer our services at fair rates.

  • Quick TAT

    With our team of PubMed conversion experts and all the latest tools that we use to ensure agility and accuracy, we offer our PubMed conversion services at quick turnaround times.

  • ISO Certification

    We are an ISO certified company. ISO certification is a sign of proof that our PubMed conversion services are reliable, and we stick to industry standards in our processes and the equipment that we use to fulfill the requirements of our clients.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We assign a project manager to each of our projects and clients so that you can directly reach the project manager any time in case of any queries, confusion, or feedback. The project manager will also regularly communicate about the progress of the project with you.

  • 24/7 Assistance

    Our customer care service providers are active round the clock to help clients by resolving their queries and providing them with information about our services whenever required. You can reach us any time from any part of the world and we’ll get back to you.

40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience

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We were very satisfied with the quality of service Outsource2india provided. They were able to meet our requests with great professionalism and flexibility. We look forward to having your team fulfill future projects for us.

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Outsource Pubmed Conversion Services To Outsource2india

Outsourcing PubMed conversion services to a professional company mean you don’t have to compromise with your PubMed journal in terms of the format. While working on PubMed conversion can cost you time and efforts, working with a PubMed conversion company saves the hassle and can give you more confidence about adhering to the PubMed formats and NLM standards. Partnering with Outsource2india means working with PubMed conversion experts who provide the best PubMed conversion services in India and overseas.

Contact us now if you want to ensure complete adherence to the PubMed conversion standards at the most affordable rates.

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