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Articles on Data Entry

Data entry or data management is the most sought after service being outsourced to India. If you have any concerns on data entry outsourcing or want to know more about data management, go through O2I's well-researched data management articles.

Here is our list of articles on data entry / data management -

7 Big Data Predictions You May be Interested In

2017 and the coming years promise to be busy for the big data industry. It is important for companies to tweak their processes as per these trends predictions to be able to provide their customers with a great experience.

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6 Key Benefits of Restaurant Menu Digitization

Take your resturant business to the next level with the help of restuarant menu digitization. Not only will your online presence by significantly improved, but it will also leave your customers extremely satisfied.

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5 Ways to Leverage Data Conversion for Successful Business Initiatives

In the past few years, more companies are realizing the importance of data conversion in their businesses and how it can be used to successfully implement business initiatives.

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How Can Efficient Form Creation Help You in Data Entry?

Read this article which explains how efficient form creation can have multiple benefits in data entry and how it can increase overall accuracy.

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7 High-Quality Tools for Efficient Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is one of the key functions for any business in order to help them take some key business decisions. Here is a list of the best data cleansing tools which can be used by firms.

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7 Top Ways to Improve Data Accuracy

Having accurate data is very important for any business and helps them make better business decisions. Read some of the ways in which data accuracy rate can be improved.

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How to Convert Scanned Spreadsheet/PDF to Excel using OCR

Optical Character Recognition comes in as an intelligent solution to text/spreadsheet conversion and image to excel conversion limitations.

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Why e-Pubs Will Always be in Vogue?

We have a seen a gradual increase in the usage of e-Books in recent times. Will this trend continue in the future as well?

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Skills of an Online Data Entry Clerk

Who is a data entry clerk; what do data entry clerks do; and what are their key skills, capabilities and responsibilities?

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Data Entry India

Global customers may have concerns about the quality and accuracy of data entry services in India. However, these concerns can be put to rest once the client understands the stringent quality process that data entry work from O2I goes through.

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Outsource Data Entry to India

The global meltdown has given a new impetus to outsourcing. The hottest commodity is money and money is the biggest attraction in outsourcing.

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Data Entry Outsourcing

Regardless of the size of your company, managing and processing data into useful information is critical. Outsourcing data entry services could be among the safest and the most cost-effective move that your business can invest in.

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Data Management Overview

As your organization grows, your business expands to new horizons; but there is also something that is growing exponentially at the background – your data.

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Finding the Best Data Quality Solutions

Accomplishing data quality is not simple. To acquire data quality, your organization must have a strategy to tackle any weak areas in your data.

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Solving Issues Related to Inaccurate Data

The negative implications of inaccurate data are considerable, from invoicing and order or transaction processing gone wrong to inevitably, unhappy customers.

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FAQs on Outsourcing Data Entry

Find a list of FAQs that customers ask, when outsourcing data entry services to Outsource2india.

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Why India?

The outsourcing history of India is one of phenomenal growth in a very short span of time.

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Why Outsource?

Despite the anti-outsourcing backlash, benefits from outsourcing are very tangibly felt in the US economy. Every minute your employee spends on an activity that does not directly add value to your customer's solution is a cost that can be saved. This is one of the reasons that make organizations like yours look seriously at outsourcing some or most of their work.

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What Services can be Outsourced to India?

Do you want to outsource a part of your business processes but are wondering whether the job you have in mind can be outsourced?

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Why Opt for Microfilm Scanning?

For over 100 years, newspaper corporations and major businesses have used microfilms as the primary way to store and back up critical records, print media etc.

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