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As a logistics service provider or user, you will be familiar with the complications accompanying the manual processing of freight movements and documentation before shipments are delivered to their final destination. You will need to ascertain all paperwork is complete and compliant to relevant regulations, process freight invoices and making vendor payments within short deadlines, and make sure the bills are in order against cargo manifests and contractual rates. At a time when technological advances have rendered possible real-time tracking of air and marine transport, freight status and the precise estimation of time required and actually taken to transport freight, continuing to work with physical paperwork and manual intervention is extremely impractical.

Outsource2india (O2I), a pioneer company in providing simple and affordable, yet effective outsourcing products and services, has developed a powerful Logistics Software/Logistics Management Automation (LMA) application, which allows you to maintain complete control throughout the supply chain and remain current on documentation, day-to-day operations and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. All this from a single software application installed on your desktop, saving you the inconvenience of coordinating multiple activities and people all at the same time to meet SLA obligations.

LMA Features

Simple Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The LMA application is built on a single, standard and simple-to-use graphical interface, from which all options for moving freight across locations can be accessed and programmed to select the most optimal shipping package to meet requirements.

Parameters for types of transportation, carriers and vendors engaged in moving all kinds of freight, optimal routes from origin to destination, differential rates and consolidated pricing matrices, and formats of shipment documentation across different geographies and locations can be programmed into the LMA as tabs and dropdown menus. This allows for flexibility in choosing shipping options and to receive bids from interested vendors from the master list.

Multiple Options

The LMA application enables you to upload multiple, variable parameters, such as -

  • Mode of transport – sea, air and land
  • Direction – inbound or outbound
  • Area/zone – local, domestic, international and multiple destinations
  • Size – small envelopes and parcels to large and heavy cargo

Full Automation of Logistics Supply Chain

With the LMA application, logistics managers can exercise complete control over the full supply chain, as follows -

  • Choose carriers, modes of transport, desired pricing and routes from dropdown menus, putting together the full package as per requirements.
  • Use the email option to send real-time requests for bids from listed carriers; receive spot bids; allow the software to compare bids and direct you to the best proposal in terms of cost, time, routing and insurance coverage.
  • Once the bid is selected and the transaction is underway, you can track the progress in real-time and at each leg of the process, generate the relevant cargo and regulatory documentation, using the built-in user access-approval matrix, applicable to the shipment in question.
  • Summary information on all shipments – current status, delivery times, communications sent and received – is available to users in a single dashboard; you can stay updated on all transactions currently in progress.
  • At the end of the cycle, the software generates the necessary reports and invoices, as per user definitions and business requirements.

Business Reporting, Analytics, Financial and Access Controls

The LMA system allows business/company management to set parameter definitions with respect to business, financial, and compliance reports; reporting frequency; analytics for vendor/carrier and freight management; and pricing rationalization. Data elements can be updated/amended/deleted as per organizational requirements and all transaction information is archived for a period of 7 years.

User-level access can be defined in accordance with your company's 'delegated authority' policies. The software is programmed to work as per rules-based processing protocols, which allows centralized control of the full logistics supply chain – carrier selection, bid approvals, report generation, etc. Accounting, financial and statutory reports can also be customized as per business requirements.

Benefits of the LMA Application

O2I's LMA system is ideal for companies and businesses engaged in providing 3rd party logistics services and large organizations which have operations across the globe and need to move documents, goods, materials and/or heavy equipment to multiple locations on a regular basis. Listed below are some of the many benefits you can get with the LMA application -

  1. Get flexibility in selecting the most-optimal means of moving freight across locations.
  2. Control the full supply chain from start to finish from a centralized point.
  3. Reduce overall transportation costs by comparing multiple bids simultaneously in real-time; tailor logistics packages as per delivery and pricing targets.
  4. Get business-critical reports and analyses by mining shipment-related data going back to the last 7 years while making strategic and operational decisions.
  5. Save on technology and infrastructure costs; with the LMA, you can take advantage of the 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) concept, which does away with the need to invest in computer equipment such as servers, systems and data centers, maintaining and upgrading systems periodically and taking on additional personnel to manage the whole set-up.
  6. Customize and manage the complete documentation process, covering internal and external requirements such as financial, business, taxation, insurance and regulatory compliance, across multiple markets.

For a logistics business or company engaged in an industry where there are hundreds of competitors targeting the same customers and markets, the only differentiators are quick and secure delivery, avoidance of cargo damages or losses, and the costs of transportation. At the same time, ensuring customers' expectations are met and maintaining a competitive advantage over other logistics providers mean huge initial investments in manpower, infrastructure and equipment; and each time the business expands or enters new markets, you will need additional resources to maintain your market position and profitability.

With O2I's Logistics Software/Logistics Management Automation (LMA) application, you can avoid cumbersome paperwork, manual processing and maintain complete control of your dynamic logistics operations.

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