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Outsource Pre-Payment Auditing of Freight Bills

"Prevention is better than cure" is an adage which is rightly applicable to the pre-payment audit and validation service provided by Outsource2india (O2I) – a recognized outsourcing services provider – to the global logistics industry.

As a provider of logistics services operating in multiple markets and dealing with different types of carriers, you are familiar with the time and resources spent on reconciling payouts made with the invoices received and then trying to recover the excess payments due to the wrong quoting of rates, calculation errors and other anomalies in freight bills, for which payments have already been made in the past.

By using O2I's pre-payment audit services, you avoid all these issues and pay carriers and vendors only after the invoices have been verified and validated against the original and correct contractual terms.

Pre-Payment Audits: Process

Our pre-payment auditing services are targeted at logistics companies and businesses which need to process a high number of freight bills on a daily basis. These may be raised by multiple carriers or carriers providing multimodal transportation of freight, with more than 1-2 rate categories, and finally, across different geographical locations, types, volumes and weights of cargo.

The simple USP of this service lies in the use of software and technology instead of manual resources, automatically reducing the percentage of errors which can be caused by oversight, misinterpretation of data or other inaccuracies resulting from handling large volumes of transactions under pressures of time and productivity.

The software application used by O2I checks every freight bill received for processing against the original bills of lading and finally, against a master database of vendors/carriers, freight rates and other contractual terms.

Benefits of O2I Pre-Audit Checks

Monetary Advantages

With O2I's freight billing pre-audit checks, billing inaccuracies resulting in excess payments of the actual due amount are identified and can be corrected before the payment is released. With our pre-audit checks, you can look forward to saving up to 12% on freight bills. Not to mention the time and expenses spent on recovering excess payments.

With O2I's software application, you can also rationalize transportation costs by comparing rates of different carriers across the same route and whether your current service provider rates are lower as compared to other carriers. This helps in negotiating better rates or zeroing on better deals, thus reducing costs.

Compliance and Convenience

Navigate easily through different freight regulations across countries, a large pool of service providers with varied contracts and pricing matrices. With our automated checking process, you can rest assured of meeting your contractual obligations in their entirety.

Signing up with O2I for freight bill processing and pre-payment audits provides your logistics/business a good return on investment. The overall savings more than make up for the fees you pay us!

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