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Customer Relationship Management Services for the Logistics Industry

Effective, proactive, regular and consistent customer communications and engagement are key factors in retaining existing customers and building customer loyalty in the present commercial environment, where competition is fierce and where customers look for value enhancement without price increases and are willing to shop around for the best deal. In such a scenario, companies and businesses which focus on customer engagement and provide a sterling customer experience stay ahead of competition, build customer loyalty and increase their profitability by earning a larger share of customers' wallets.

However, successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) requires an additional investment of capital resources and infrastructure, raising the costs of doing business and diminishing return on investment (ROI). Outsourcing your customer relationship management services to a reliable service provider with the proven expertise and background of delivering superior CRM services, enhanced by the latest in technology and experienced human resources, such as Outsource2india (O2I), is a very attractive and feasible alternative.

How does partnering with O2I to meet your CRM objectives make a significant difference to your business bottom line? Read on to find out about O2I's value proposition, range of products and services, and the benefits you reap by outsourcing your CRM requirements.

CRM Products and Services

O2I provides technology-driven customer servicing centers using integrated, interactive media such as auto-routed inbound and outbound calling facilities, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and web-based communications. Trained and experienced personnel who can engage directly with your customers in resolving customer queries and issues, and market additional products and services to existing customers or undertake new customer acquisition, provide the necessary impetus and focus in building brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Here's a brief description of the services offered by O2I in a single, integrated package or customized to meet your specific requirements.

Inbound Transactions

Systems and resource infrastructure to support the following -

  • Taking customer orders and tracking them to fulfillment
  • Processing catalog and order forms
  • Helpdesk centers providing telephonic and website support
  • Carrying out market research activities, capturing sales leads and setting-up appointments with customers
  • Voicemail and email services
  • Database management and information dissemination
  • Technical and systems support

Outbound Transactions

  • New customer acquisition
  • Marketing and promotional activities for new products and services
  • Cross-selling additional, complementary products and services to existing customer database
  • Customer service, loyalty offers and retention transactions
  • Generating new sales leads

Web-based Transactions

The growing usage of the Internet as a convenient mode of communication and networking, both business and social, thanks to improved broadband connectivity and speeds, means that more people are getting comfortable in using the web for obtaining products and services, do comparison shopping and look up required information or seek query resolution through improved search engine access.

As a business with intensive customer interaction, you need to build a strong web-presence and improve the visibility of your business by providing quality information and content which are regularly updated, and online services and communication points for a growing base of web-savvy customers/consumers.

More often than not, customers would prefer to look up your company/business website online than pick up your contact details, browsing through voluminous business directories or classifieds. Creating and maintaining an interactive website is simple and affordable when you partner with O2I for addressing CRM needs.

We offer a diverse range of web-based services such as marketing and promotional activities, 'live', 'real time' customer service through email, chat and fresh, up-to-date content and conduct market and consumer research. For customers who still expect direct interaction with a 'human' responder, even in an online setting, O2I can provide a well-trained and knowledgeable team of personnel who communicate directly with your customers, address their queries and resolve issues – technical and non-technical – via 'live' voice or text chat, connect with the customer's IP address to provide a visual demonstration or help rectify a system glitch and share relevant files and data through FTP (file transfer protocol) servers or email.

Outsource your CRM activities and processes to O2I and offer your customers a superior and innovative service experience to build loyalty and attract new business, without straining your budgets or moving critical resources from activities which do not utilize their talents and skills in an optimal manner.

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