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7 Top Ways to Improve Data Accuracy

7 Top Ways to Improve Data Accuracy

In this fast moving digital world, having accurate data is one of the most important aspects of any business. The task of maintaining the highest data accuracy is of utmost importance as the same data is used by the top management while taking key business decisions. Having to deal with huge chunks of data on a daily basis, the job of a data entry specialist is not easy and the job has to be performed very quickly and with exceptional care.

If care is not taken, errors in company data can have a huge effect on your daily business decisions irrespective of the data entry team size. Incorrect data can have an adverse effect on key business decisions and can also result in reducing the overall revenue of the company. It is important that every company understands the importance of enterprise data quality problems and takes it up seriously to solve them. In this article we have listed some of the key ways which can be used to improve the data accuracy rates.

How to Improve Data Accuracy?

Data quality management is the key to any company's success. It is important that one understands the effect of enterprise data accuracy problems and takes steps to solve them. Some of the key ways in which data accuracy rates can be improved are listed here -

  1. Inaccurate Data Sources

    Companies should identify the right data sources, both internally and externally, to improve the quality of incoming data. Incorrect data may result from migration of data from one database to another, presence of incorrect values, or even time-bound data changes. It is important to identify the cause for incorrect data and try to fix it.

  2. Set Data Quality Goals

    It is important that firms set realistic goals towards improving overall data quality. The top management needs to understand the basic problems which are plaguing their data accuracy and set realistic goals for the data entry specialist team. They should be examined based on efficient data capturing, data entry, and effective coding.

  3. Avoid Overloading

    A manager must ensure that the data entry team is not under pressure to deliver expected results from the get go. If data entry specialists are overloaded with work, they can become tired and that can result in data entry errors. If there is more work it is a good option to delegate some of the work to others in the data entry team, or span it over the course of multiple weeks.

  4. Review the Data

    Reviewing is an efficient way to check the correctness of the data. Companies must incorporate an efficient way to review and double check the data entered. It is always beneficial to hire a team of quality assurance professionals who can review the data and help in reducing the data errors to a large extent.

  5. Automate Error Reports

    Making use of advanced software is always a plus point for any company. Generating automated error reports is a common practice among leading companies today. This is especially beneficial when you are entering the same kind of data for a project.

  6. Adopt Accuracy Standards

    Companies must adopt highly robust data entry quality standards such as matching, geo-coding, data monitoring, data profiling, linking, etc. This ensures that the data entered conforms to pre-defined data standards which in turn help in improving the data quality.

  7. Have a Good Work Environment

    Having a good and healthy work environment helps the employees make lesser mistakes and therefore has a direct impact on data accuracy. Companies need to provide a healthy work environment to their data entry professionals which help in retaining their focus.

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