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Outsource Data Entry Process at Outsource2india

Have you stopped outsourcing data entry because of inaccuracy and lack of quality? Outsource2india provides data entry services that give you 99.9% accurate data—clear, concise and complete. We are one of India's most reputed and reliable data entry service providers, with over 25 years of experience in meeting the data entry needs of global companies across a wide range of domains.

Our teams of skilled and experienced data entry operators use advanced data entry tools, ICR/ OCR, rapid scanners and high-end infrastructure to meet overall accuracy levels of over 98%. We continually upgrade to the latest data entry technologies to increase our speed and level of efficiency. Moreover, we rigorously follow Quality Assurance processes to ensure that the completed data adheres to international quality standards.

The data entry process that we follow is reliable, efficient and time-saving. We are also very flexible, and can customize our process to meet your specific requirements. Our data entry process includes the following steps:

Ways To Send Us The Docs
  • Files are uploaded on a secure FTP
  • OR

  • Files are emailed/faxed
  • OR

  • Files are remotely accessed by a secure VPN
  • OR

  • Files are accessed through a web application
  • OR

  • Files are sent by courier or email
Formats For The Docs
  • Physical documents
  • OR

  • Scanned images
  • OR

  • PDF/XML, XML, Word files
  • OR

  • Online source
We Perform Data Entry
  • We access and download the data
  • We sort, classify and allocate the data
  • We perform data entry
  • We check data for quality
  • Completed work is sent to the customer
We Send The Completed Files
  • Files are uploaded on a secure FTP
  • OR

  • Files are emailed/faxed
  • OR

  • Files are remotely accessed by a secure VPN
  • OR

  • Files are accessed through a web application
  • OR

  • Files are sent by courier or email
  1. Receiving the documents

    We accept scanned, soft or hard copy documents in formats such as PDF, Excel, XML, Word docs or online source files. We are very flexible and offer our customers several file transfer options. You can send your documents via email, fax, mail, DVDs or by courier. You could also choose to upload your files to our secure FTP server, or let us remotely access your data through a secure VPN or a web application.

  2. How data is entered

    The documents to be entered are separated into batches, with a keying specification instruction sheet for each batch. Two data entry professionals enter the data into two different files. Both these files will be evaluated against each other through software which will highlight mismatches, if any.

    After corrections are made, the files are again compared to ensure over 98% accuracy.

  3. The workflow

    The project will be allocated to a dedicated and experienced Project Manager who will download your files. The Project Manager and the EDM administrators will sort and classify the data to be entered. Sections of the work will then be allocated to Team Leaders who will guide their respective teams in carrying out the data entry. A process-oriented workflow is followed to ensure that the data entry is completed without any setbacks.

  4. Quality assurance

    At Outsource2india, we have taken stringent quality assurance measures to ensure that data is 99.9% accurate. After the data has been entered, it will be proofread by experts who will identify errors and correct them. All the proofread documents will again be screened by the QA team to check for errors. A third quality check will then be conducted to check the documents for clarity, accuracy and completeness.

  5. Sending the completed files

    Once we complete the data entry for your documents, we can send them to you either by mail, courier, email or fax. We can also upload the files on a secure FTP. You could also remotely access your files on a secure VPN or a web application.

The Outsource2india Advantage!

Outsourcing a non-core competency like data entry can help your company drastically cut down on operating costs, improve efficiency, save on infrastructure, do away with management headaches and get access to professional data entry. With data that is 99.9% accurate and delivered ahead of schedule, you can be sure to make informed business decisions and race ahead of your competitors. Make a decision to outsource data entry to Outsource2india today and watch your business grow to new heights. Get in touch with us now.

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