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Outsource Data Enrichment Services

In today's information age, the quality of data that a business uses directly impacts its competitiveness. This is especially true for an organization in a data intensive field such as banking, insurance, retail, and telecommunications.

Outsource2india uses sophisticated software to provide data enrichment services to its customers. We are committed to providing services that put the needs of our customers first.

The Need for Data Enrichment Services

In many cases, existing data may contain duplicate or erroneous records and incomplete descriptions. Also, if the data has been derived from multiple sources, it may have inconsistent formats making it difficult to be analyzed or used. Data enrichment is the process of identifying and removing erroneous records from the database or record set. Additionally, it includes adding data from the external sources to the in-house database if it is incomplete to maintain its quality and richness.

Outsource2india's data enrichment services aim at ensuring accuracy and consistency of your database. We offer excel data enrichment & data enrichment based on secondary research, and depending on your specific needs, our data enrichment process can involve verifying the accuracy of customer data and eliminating duplicated and incorrect entries as well.

We consolidate multiple data sources to ensure that your marketing, sales, and support teams have easy access to all your customer data. Additionally, we take care that all data is normalized so that a common unit of measure is used for all items in a class.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Data Enrichment Services

Outsource2india uses cutting-edge software to provide web data enrichment services. We use data scrubbing tools to systematically examine data for flaws by using rules, algorithms, and look-up tables. These tools include programs that can correct a number of specific types of errors. For example: adding missing zip codes or finding duplicate records. The use of such tools accelerates the process of data cleansing and minimizes both cost and effort.

Outsourcing data enrichment services to a trusted partner ensures that you maintain high quality records with a minimal cost. A specialist not only utilizes the latest software but also leverages the services of trained personnel. Also, with an expert like Outsource2india, you have access to superior project management skills that ensure that the service provided is not only of a high quality but also delivered within mutually agreed timelines.

At Outsource2india, we can help:

  • Verify the accuracy of customer data
  • Identify and eliminate duplicate and incorrect entries
  • Consolidate and interlink multiple data sources
  • Validate data (for example: using a post code checker to validate addresses)
  • Remove obsolete data
  • Enrich data – with product attributes, images, and manufacturer specifications
  • Identify and tag similar records and conduct a subsequent manual review

Delivering Impact

Outsource2india is committed to providing best-in-class service. We focus on understanding our customers' end to end business, which helps us gain clarity about our role in the entire process. This insight helps us enhance the quality of our service and also helps us customize our offerings to suit specific requirements.

If you are looking for an outsourcing partner that puts your needs first, then your search ends with Outsource2india!

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