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Outsource2india Provided Image Categorization Services for 2 Million Images to a Leading Environmental Consultancy in UK

Case Study on Image Categorization Services

The Client

The client is a leading provider of aquatic ecological services who offered consultancy, laboratory services and field surveys for both freshwater and marine environments in the UK and across the world.

Client Requirement

The client wanted to outsource an image categorization trial that included 200 images. The aim was to spot existing ecological threats to mammals, fish, turtles, seagulls, etc. (example Sargassum seaweed). If the trial proved successful, the client would outsource the entire contract (2 million images).

The client visited India to assess multiple vendors including Outsource2india. Highly impressed with O2I's expertise and success stories, the client decided to test quality of our work and requested various certificates. Completely satisfied with O2I's stringent procedures, the client sent across 100 images that were shot from 1000 feet above sea level. The client required the first trial (100 images each) to be sent initially.

Challenges Faced by O2I

O2I initially faced challenges with project file transfer system, but post discussions, the problem was solved through secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) set up by O2I. Also, images furnished by the client was blurry when zoomed and XnView software had to be used.

The client required about 80 images to be assessed per hour, which was considerably high. The input data was insufficient and the work was repetitive.

The Solution

Before commencing the trial, O2I researched the client's company profile and their project requirement. A designated person was appointed for the task, and the trial was completed in a day (80 images per hour). The first trial was approved, and the next 100 images were sent for the second trial.

The Result

Both trials were approved, and the client expressed immense satisfaction at the professionalism, precision, quality of trials, their findings, and the ease of communication. Based on cost savings, high quality and quick turnaround time, the client decided to hand over the entire contract to O2I and outsource the remaining images.

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