Geotagging Data Entry Services

Geotagging Data Entry Services

Geotagging has evolved as a leading digital marketing tool and has been popular in the retail space marketing, fashion industry, home essentials and government establishments. With the agility of market dynamics, customers use innovative geotagging methods making it useful for any industry.

Today every application developer realizes the cost and resource factors involved while executing geotagging services. Outsourcing geotagging data entry services to Outsource2india is cost-effective and our data management personnel undertake these services keeping in mind the client's requirement. Over the years, O2I is also geared to strategize customized solutions to help clients achieve the desired results based on the requirement.

Geotagging Data Entry Services We Offer

Outsource2india offers end-to-end geotagging data entry services for today's geographically based marketing needs. Our range of data entry services include -

  • Business Tagging Services - O2I geotags businesses on Google Map and Google Earth with impeccable precision and flawless accuracy which enables organizations to be effortlessly spotted on the map in the search results
  • Video Geotagging Data Entry - Outsource2india's data entry specialists provide video geotagging data entry services for companies by sorting and indexing their videos and making them easily searchable and accessible
  • Image Geotagging Data Entry - Outsource2india handles advanced image geotagging data entry services which support an organization's secure databases for mapped images. The advantages are it permits users to effortlessly browse through images and works on location information. O2I's skilled team has the expertise to organize geotagging information for any image format
  • Geotagged Data Conversion - Today with the surge of multiple operating systems and devices to view data, Outsource2india offers geotagged data conversion services. Our data management experts convert multiple ranges of geotagged data into a format compliant with your company's website, operating system, or any other device
  • Website Geotagging Data Entry - The amount of information dispensed digitally, clients require a single structured database. Based on the client's requirement we gather multiple geotagged information from websites and collate them into a single systematized database which helps in better information management
40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience

Geotagging Data Entry Process


Define Service Requirement

Scope details and roles for geotagging data entry services


Conduct Trial Project

Undertake trial of project based on client inputs


Outline Effort, Pricing, & SLA

Specify time, number of resources and pricing for geotagging data entry project


Assign Allocated Project

Designate Project Manager to set up team and resources


Initiate Process Implementation

All geotagging data entries are analyzed and sorted based on scope


Perform Quality Check

Quality Assessment team engages in quality checks for quality of geotagging data entries


Regulate Scheduled Delivery

Upload required outputs based on client inputs and schedules

Benefits of Outsourcing Geotagging Data Entry Services to O2I

Outsource2india has data entry specialists who thrive on handling complex data entry projects. The team can strategize and provide quick customized solutions. Choosing to work with O2I for geotagging data entry services comes with a slew of benefits that include -

  • Experience of over 24 years in the field of data management services specifically data entry services
  • Trained and highly experienced data entry specialists to handle any kind of geotagging data entry service requests
  • Assured Data Accuracy where the defined processes involve several levels of data accuracy checking so that clients receive high-quality accurate geotagged data
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for data entry services to assist in providing out-of-the-box and innovative geotagging services
  • Consultation tailored to every client ensuring client requests are met - constant communication and updates, with troubleshooting capabilities in case of roadblocks
  • Cost-effective pricing and quick turnaround time with quality check and QC processes that match ISO standards for top quality geotagging data entry services
  • High level data Security Protocols are designed with strict security measures where all client data remains absolutely safe along with strict data redundancy protocols

Choose Outsource2india for Accurate Geotagging Data Entry Services

Outsource2india is one of the pioneers in data management services and has been in the business for over 24 years. We are the ideal partners for outsourcing geotagging data entry services and our team of data management experts has been providing highly accurate geotagging data entry services to clients worldwide.

This, in turn, has helped clients concentrate internally, on more pressing tasks at hand and O2I has become partners by choice not just for quality services but also popular for our commitment to timelines and cost-effective pricing. O2I has the expertise to work on Google Earth and Google Maps and we also have the capability to use latest geotagging software recommended by clients which help us execute customized projects according to the requirement.

Do write in or talk to one of our representatives and we will revert in 24 hours with a customized quote.

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