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Must-Have Capabilities for a Data Entry Clerk

Software, written & Communication Skills

Software, Written & Communication Skills

Data entry clerks must possess certain essential software skills like using word processors, spreadsheets, database, and other related record management software used by the client. They must also possess good written and communication skills.

Fast Typing Speed

Fast Typing Speed

Data entry operators or data entry clerks must possess good typing skills and ensure that they are extremely comfortable using all sorts of input devices like keyboard, scanners and other such devices used for specialized data entry tasks.

Patience and Concentration

Patience and Concentration

As they have to spend long hours in the same seating position doing the same job, patience and high concentration is extremely important.In the absence of these, they would feel doing a thankless job, resulting in low quality output.

6 Key Responsibilities of an Online Data Entry Clerk

Data Accuracy Verification

Verify Accuracy of Data

Simply relying on the accuracy of data is not a good practice, and it becomes a data entry operator's job to verify the accuracy of data. To do this, they have to cross-verify each and every data before entering. This is really important as inaccurate data can lead to wrong information and erroneous reports.

Making of Necessary Changes or Corrections

Make Necessary Changes or Corrections

Even with all the verifications and assurances there could be data errors; minor or even crucial, so it is also the data entry clerk's responsibility to make necessary corrections as per the instructions and common logic before entering it onto the system.

Providing Assistance in Building Robust Data Management

Provide Assistance in Building Robust Data Management System

As they regularly work with data entry and management teams, they are the best minds to suggest the most effective and efficient data management systems for your specific business needs.

Retrieve Information in the right Format at Right Time

Retrieve Information in the Right Format at the Right Time

Raw information is nothing but an alphanumeric dump yard, from which data cannot be retrieved automatically. So recovering right information at the right time in the right reporting style is the key.

Maintaining Extreme Confidentiality

Maintaining Extreme Confidentiality

A key issue that needs to be carefully handled is the clause on data confidentiality. In this world of cutthroat competition, losing data or data mismanagement is nothing less than a disaster. So, you have to be extremely cautious and impose stringent rules for data entry clerks.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Other responsibilities for a data entry clerk include communicating with managers & maintaining proper information flow and having general business awareness and necessary information. Additionally, it includes coordinating with managers for generating necessary reports, understanding important and key business information, & prioritizing it.

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  • Loan Repayment Data Entry

    Loan Repayment Data Entry

    A US-based company that specializes in providing comprehensive and quick financial services contacted O2I to assist with a large data entry and data migration project.

  • Data Extraction and Database Creation

    Data Extraction and Database Creation

    O2I helped a US-based extract large amounts of data from more than 20,000 documents and then created a database for the same in a short time period of 45 days.

  • Geo Tagging Services

    Geo Tagging Services

    Team at O2I helped a US-based location tagging startup tag each and every commercial property in faster TAT with 90% accuracy.

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