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Provided Geo Tagging Services to Tag Commercial Properties in the US

Geo Tagging Services for Commercial Properties

US-based Geo Tagging Company Successfully Tags Every Commercial Property in the United States with Outsource2india's Help.

A startup in the United States contacted Outsource2india (O2I) to provide tagging services for a new application that had been developed for businesses, properties, and storefronts. Due to the scale and scope of the project, it was uniquely matched to the abilities of the O2I team.

The Client

The client is a startup in the United States that offers location-tagging services for specific locations, similar to what is offered in other popular Map applications. They were aiming to expand but needed a partner who could help to tag the names of properties in their newest map application. Their needs included -

  • A team of 150 full-time resources that could work exclusively on this project through completion
  • The ability to start the project immediately in order to complete tagging of every business property and storefront in the United States in a relatively short time

They contacted Outsource2india through the company website and were impressed with the quick and responsive reply to their inquiry. Combined with the ability of O2I to match the scope and size of the team needed, they chose to work with our team.


The team at Outsource2india faced several challenges in the development and execution of this project, including -

  • The scope of the project was immense as the client required 150 full-time resources quickly. This required the O2I team to recruit 100 additional resources in a span of one month with all of the screening and employment steps required for such a team
  • The client utilized their own CRM which required O2I team to learn new software to work on the project. This required time to train both existing and new team members, and slowed the commencement of the project and resulted in some lost time
  • There were some issues with the technical features of the client's platform during this startup phase

The Solution

The project was completed successfully through the following actions taken by the Outsource2india team -

  • Before starting, the O2I team provided detailed samples of their work so the client could gauge the quality and make a decision about whether it was the right match. This was successful and the project moved forward
  • O2I immediately employed 50 full-time resources so work on the project could begin right away
  • The team was tasked with using the client's backend tool showing every street in the United States and then identifying every commercial property on every street and tagging it appropriately
  • During this process, tagging was required on both the right and left side of each property, along with the property's front side
  • An additional 50 resources were hired within one month to meet the client's requirements and the timeframe provided
  • Quality assurance was managed by a dedicated team within Outsource2india. Two levels of quality check were performed to ensure accuracy throughout the project, first by the O2I team and then by the client's team

The Results

The project was a massive undertaking but was successfully completed with the following results -

  • The client originally indicated an expected accuracy level of 75%. However, the team was able to reach a level much higher of 90%, far exceeding client's expectations
  • The client typically employed freelancers and contractors for projects, but due to the scope of this particular project, the project management would have been intensive. Working with Outsource2india allowed them to streamline this component. O2I assigned 3 dedicated managers to the project who maintained regular communication with the client, keeping them updated at all times
  • Upon completion, the client was highly satisfied with the results and returned as a recurring client

We have over 25 years of experience when it comes to offering wide range of Data Entry and Management Services including Tagging and Annotation. If you are interested in learning more about the scope and scale of the services offered by Outsource2india, whether it's a data input project or something more technical, contact us today to learn more.

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