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Top Data Cleansing Tools for Efficient Data Scrubbing

Data Cleansing Tools

Data cleansing or data scrubbing describes the entire process of cleaning up contact or company records so that they are free of defects and imperfections. This data needs to be cleansed thoroughly as it is used by most businesses, analyzed, and made use of to take key business decisions. Data defects may be in the form of duplicates, incomplete emails, incorrectly formatted addresses, incorrect telephone numbers, etc. which is all a result of inconsistent data entry.

When different types of data are migrated and integrated it must be consistent with the master database. A clean database makes a lot of difference in every business and takes a key role in making key business decisions, improve order tracking, manage your inventories, and ensure good customer relationship. Every business must understand the data needs and understand the importance of using the right tools for data scrubbing.

7 High-quality Tools for Efficient Data Cleansing

Merging, categorizing, reformatting, and filtering are some of the key aspects that go under the wide umbrella of the term data cleansing. The data needs to be thoroughly cleansed and scrubbed before any form of data analysis is applied to it. Many efficient data cleansing tools are now available in the market which is useful for different types and sets of data. Some of the most popular and high-quality tools for data cleansing are listed here -

  1. OpenRefine

    OPEN Refine

    This was initially called Google Refine and was a Google code project that is now evolved into an open source data cleansing software. It has a very user-friendly graphical user interface which lets you describe and then perform data manipulation. This tool has a highly powerful set of programmable expressions to perform more complex tasks.

  2. DataWrangler

    Data Wrangler

    DataWrangler is one of the most interactive tools for data cleaning. It takes all the unorganized, messy and real-world data and transforms it into neat data tables. This data can then be exported to any format you wish to use it in. This tool helps you to save time in manually formatting and utilize that time to analyze the data.

  3. Datamartist


    This is another data cleansing tools which has an easy-to-use interface and is very user friendly. This tool allows a lot of data from multiple sources to be combined together, enhanced, and repaired without the need of a developing a database.

  4. Tabula


    This is a very convenient data cleansing tool which can be used to convert the data embedded in a PDF into a spreadsheet. The tool easily does the task automatically without any need of manual intervention. It is available as a Github project and is a really good tool for marketers, financial analysts, data journalists, as well as data scientists.

  5. MoData

    Mo Data

    This is one of the more popular data scrubbing tools which is widely used by many individuals. The platform aggregates, scrubs and generates analytics cubes from disparate CRP and ERP sources and provides good insights for the data to be analyzed.

  6. AnalyticsCanvas

    Analytics Canvas

    This data cleansing tool helps to automate all the Facebook and Google Analytics insights dataflow, performs calculations, connects to different data sources, transforms data and allows exporting the data for further storage and visualization.

  7. Python and Pandas

    Python Pandas

    Python is one of the greatest programming languages which can be used for data manipulation. Along with the Pandas library which includes the DataFrame object, it can be used to quickly process very complex operations. Joining, merging and transforming huge chunks of data can be done by just using a single line of Python code.

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