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ACI e-Manifest Services

Outsource ACI e-Manifest Services

We can significantly reduce the turnaround time of your shipments and help you avail efficient e-manifest solutions without the hassle of border delays while you get to focus on your operations

ACI e-Manifest services play an important role in providing freight information regarding shipments that arrive at the border through electronic means. This happens way before a shipment arrives at the border physically, and as the information about the shipment that is to be assessed before approval reaches in advance, a lot of time is saved in the process. And when e-Manifests are not submitted, the truck that carries the shipments is sent back while also incurring a huge fine. So, all the cross-border shipments to Canada should submit ACI e-Manifest. If you want your shipments to comply with the ACI (Canadian requirements), a trusted and efficient ACI e-Manifest service providing company is all that you need.

With an experience of 25 years, Outsource2india provides proficient ACI e-Manifest solutions, ever since ACI e-Manifests became a mandatory measure. We are equipped with everything that can make e-Manifest an easy affair for you.

ACI e-Manifest Services We Offer

Outsource2india offers comprehensive e-Manifest solutions that are efficient, smooth, and fast, making the whole process significantly less burdensome for people with cross-border delivery requirements. The size and the number of cross-border trips of your highway carriers do not matter. We help you complete cross-border shipments without any hassle. Here are some of the ACI e-Manifest services that Outsource2india offers -

  • Complete ACI e-Manifest Software Solution

    Complete ACI e-Manifest Software Solution

    Outsource2india provides complete ACI e-manifest software solutions for clients who would like to submit their e-manifests by themselves. Our software solution is easy to use and highly efficient and you can create your manifest in a matter of minutes. Following are the perks of using our ACI e-manifest software -

    • With the help of our ACI e-manifest software solution, you don't have to keep entering repeat shipments. With just one entry, you can use it later whenever required.
    • As you submit your e-manifest, you get an automated data verification that helps you find out when there's any missing or invalid information.
    • You can keep records of your e-manifest so that, if ever required, you can meet government auditing requirements.
    • You will receive shipment status in real-time which can help you in deciding when exactly to send the shipment can proceed to cross the border.
    • You can receive extensive support so that you know how to go about the software.
  • Fax/email Service

    Fax/email Service

    Outsource2india also provides fax or email services to clients who would rather let us take care of the entire ACI e-manifest process. All you have to do is fax or email us your manifests. After receiving the required details, we will submit the e-manifest for you while you can focus on your core operations. While we take care of the e-manifest, all the notification regarding the shipment status is automatically forwarded to you via text messages or email so that you know when to ship to the border.

  • EIM Integrated Solutions

    EIM Integrated Solutions

    EIM integrated solutions for ACI e-manifest is ideal for clients with bigger e-manifest needs because of large cross border carriers. With larger carriers, manual data entry can take a significant amount of time and make the whole task tedious. Our EIM integrated solution automates the whole process of ACI e-manifest creation and submission. This also helps ensure there are no errors or inconsistencies as a result of manual keying.

  • ACI e-manifest Solutions for Service Providers and Brokers

    ACI e-manifest Solutions for Service Providers and Brokers

    Outsource2india also provides complete ACI e-manifest services to service providers and brokers who take up e-manifest requirements from their clients on a large scale. As a service provider, you can leverage our services and software for simplifying the process for yourself and have more satisfied clients.

  • Barcoded Lead-sheet Generation

    Barcoded Lead-sheet Generation

    Outsource2india helps clients with barcoded lead-sheet generation because as per the regulations of the CBSA (Canada Border Service Agency), your driver should carry a scannable barcode that is unique to every trip. We can provide you with the scannable barcode, and send it to your driver via email, fax, or in print.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits Of Our ACI e-Manifest Services

Outsource2india is a leading ACI e-Manifest service provider, helping global clients ensure their cross-border shipments comply with CBSA. We have hundreds of happy clients who leverage our top-notch services. We deliver high-quality services with the help of our experienced technical team and advanced software. Some of the other benefits you get when you outsource ACI e-Manifest services to us include -

  • Cost-effective ACI e-manifest services

    Our ACI e-manifest services are aimed at providing complete e-manifest solutions to our clients to ease their shipment process. Having extensive experience in the field and our priority being client satisfaction, we provide uncompromised services at the most affordable pricing in the market as compared to other ACI e-manifest services in India.

  • High-end infrastructure

    Outsource2india is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and all the latest technologies and resources to provide the highest quality services with quick turnaround times. Our software solutions are infallible and foolproof.

  • Data Security

    Outsource2india is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified ACI e-manifest services providing company, and we are committed to protecting the information that we receive from a countless number of clients. We keep your data secure by complying with all the regulations in the industry whether it is legal, technical, or business-related.

  • Multiple Delivery Centers

    We provide ACI e-manifest services across the globe with the help of the numerous delivery centers and offices that are spread across different locations in the world. With this, we can provide better assistance and support to clients from different parts of the world.

  • Dedicated Project Manager

    We assign a dedicated project manager to each of our clients so that our clients find it easy to communicate about the project without any chaos or confusion. Your project manager would also keep you in the loop regarding the progress of the project and communicate all the updates.

  • 24/7 Assistance

    Our team of customer care executives is dedicated to providing round the clock support to the clients and customers from different parts of the world. No matter what time zone you belong to, you can expect our customer care executives to revert in no time when you reach them via email, calls, or our social media pages.

  • Scalability

    We are always prepared to deal with the increasing needs of our clients at any point in time. We are equipped with all the resources and manpower needed for the same to provide uncompromised services in terms of quality and turnaround times when our client's business demands increase.

  • Quality Assurance

    With our ISO 9001:2015 certification, we give complete quality assurance through our multi-tier quality check processes. This is made possible with the help of our team of experts that holds immense skills and experience in the field along with the top-notch infrastructure and technology that they leverage to deliver projects of the highest form of quality.

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Outsource2india is a leading ACI e-Manifest company, providing comprehensive services and e-Manifest solutions to clients for years now. What makes us the best company for outsourcing ACI e-Manifest services is our profound experience in the industry and our team of industry experts who possess an in-depth insight fuelled by their passion to achieve perfection. We're highly result-oriented and follow a protocol to check each step of the process for quality. We believe that our clients deserve to know everything that's happening at each phase of their project. So, we provide regular updates, making it easy for them to know the status of the project.

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ACI e-manifest Services FAQs

  • What is ACI e-manifest?

    Advanced Commercial Information (ACI) e-manifest is a program for tracking freights through Canadian borders. It helps importers and freighters to bring freight through borders with hurdles.

  • How to comply with ACI e-Manifest?

    You must access the e-manifest portal and submit the freight details so the electronic cargo information can be forwarded to CBSA before the arrival of cargo at the border.