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Outsource B3 Form Building Process

CSCBOutsource2india (O2I) has built a significant reputation for preparing and submitting reliable, timely and accurate customs documentation on behalf of customs brokerage companies operating in the Canadian market. In particular, O2I has experience in the preparation of documentation required by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) entering or leaving Canada, including the crucial Canada Customs Coding or B3 Form, which provides information on origin, tariff classification and value of the cargo for determining customs duties and tax rates.

The O2I B3 form-building process helps customs brokerage companies submit the final accounting and invoicing package for each shipment they handle, thereby facilitating the speedy and trouble-free movement of raw materials and goods through Canadian customs. The complete B3 form building process, from the receipt of relevant, constituent forms to the final quality assurance checks, is comprised of 4 distinct stages, described in further detail below.

  1. Receiving Shipment Documents for Data Entry

    Customs brokers outsourcing their B3 form processing have a choice in how shipment documents are transmitted to the processing team at O2I:

    • Scan each set of documents into images, assign a docket reference ID and upload image files onto their proprietary, secure Document Management System (DMS) or server
    • Upload scanned files onto O2I's secure servers, or
    • Transmit documents electronically (e-mail) or by fax for further processing.
  2. Indexing, Sorting & Verification of Documents

    • Authorized O2I personnel log into the customer's DMS through a secure VPN or O2I's own systems (depending on where document files have been uploaded for processing).
    • Document sets are indexed, sorted and prioritized for data entry according to the value of individual shipments and the deadlines by which they need to be submitted; initial data entry is also completed at this stage.
    • Before data from each document set is filled in the B3 form, the processing team also verifies each docket to ensure that all required documents for the final accounting package are present and complete as per CBSA guidelines.

    A final accounting package generally includes 2 copies each of the Cargo Control Document (CCD); an invoice; Form B3; relevant permits, certificates or forms required by regulatory and governmental authorities; a Certificate of Origin (Form A), which supports the tariff slab or category being claimed by the importer/exporter.

    The document set may also contain notes or spreadsheets on tariff and valuation calculation, explanatory/supporting information and notes generated through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems such as Accelerated Release Operations Support System (ACROSS) and Customs Automated Data Exchange (CADEX).

  3. Updating the B3 Form

    • Trained data entry operators extract required details from the document set and update them on the B3 form.
    • The information entered on the B3 form could be static – shipment date, order reference numbers, point of origination of shipment, etc; or variable data which needs to be calculated and correct values input, i.e. tariff rate, taxes, discounts, etc.
  4. Final Quality Assurance

    • Another trained team of quality assurance personnel performs an independent, detailed check on each completed B3 form and ensures that all data and information input are free from errors and meet the accuracy standards of the customer and the customs authorities.
    • Where applicable, missing or incorrect details are highlighted to the designated Project Manager, for correction or for further clarifications from the customer.

The final completed and QA-checked B3 forms are then submitted for onward transmission. The use of trained personnel and stringent quality checks ensure that customs documentation meets the high standards demanded by client brokerage companies and the regulatory authorities.

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