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Outsource Additional Services for Customs Brokerage Companies

Canadian Society of Customs Brokers

Customs brokerage companies, given the specific nature of their business, handle a lot of data and documentation processing – tasks which are not only time and labor-intensive, but also requiring accuracy and attention to detail. As one of the premier providers of outsourced business services, Outsource2india (O2I) has the requisite expertise, infrastructure and resources to provide integrated business solutions for customs brokerage companies which are timely, efficient and cost-effective.

Outsourcing your company's invoicing, data processing and software development activities to O2I ensures that critical business operations are carried out in a smooth, simplified and productive manner, without compromising on quality and freeing up your company's valuable resources for strategic and business-building activities.

O2I's specialist services for customs brokerage entities include data extraction, compilation and processing, preparation of invoices and bespoke software development. As a one-stop shop for outsourced customs brokerage activities, some of the services and solutions provided by the company are described below.

Invoicing Services for Customs Brokers

Custom automation of the complete invoicing process, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of invoice deliveries; collection of payments; reconciliation of accounts' receivable; and records' maintenance and archival are areas we can manage for you.

Outsourcing your company's invoicing needs to O2I guarantees improved efficiencies throughout the invoicing process – billing, collection and acknowledgment – with minimal error rates and reduced operational delays.

Data Processing Services for Customs Brokers

O2I has developed significant expertise in managing a wide range of data processing activities for customs brokerage companies. This includes both generic and specialist data entry services, such as B3 form building and document conversion services. Our data entry services provide customs brokerage companies with unparalleled advantages in terms of speedy turnaround times, marginal error rates and full compliance of statutory and regulatory requirements.

O2I teams are well-versed in extracting data from a variety of media sources and compiling the information in a relevant and readable format, based upon client requirements. Our trained personnel can handle different types of formatting and conversion including, but not limited to: document/file/format/book conversions; Optical Character Recognition (OCR); XML conversion; Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Internet publishing.

Software Development Services for Customs Brokers

O2I recognizes that no two businesses or organizations are alike and a customized rather than generic approach when it comes to technology and systems' infrastructure provides the vital competitive edge, thereby maximizing return on investment. Our teams of qualified software development professionals possess the necessary expertise and experience of designing, developing and implementing bespoke business software applications and programs, across numerous technology platforms and environments.

Our custom software solutions are created after a comprehensive scrutiny and consideration of your individual business requirements, where the primary objective is to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your organization, with tangible and measurable benefits to the bottom-line.

Check out our comprehensive package of outsourced business activities for customs brokerage companies and learn how O2I partners you in ensuring the continued growth and success of your business.

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