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Outsource Why Outsource Customs Brokerage Data Processing Services?

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CSCB When companies and businesses look to outsource critical and non-critical back office data processing functions, they look for service providers with a proven background and expertise in providing business processing services in their industry/sector and market; delivering substantial benefits such as reduced processing times, cost savings, accuracy and quality of output/final product, and data security, confidentiality and privacy.

Outsource2india (O2I) is one such service provider with several years of experience and proficiency in handling data processing and related activities for customs brokerage companies and agencies in Canada. This includes the preparation and submission of Canada Customs Coding or B3 forms, as they're referred to in common industry parlance, for all goods and materials' shipments entering Canada on a daily basis.

O2I helps customs brokers submit accurate and complete documentation required under Canadian customs regulation within the short, available timelines and handle increased volumes of customs transactions, without needing to allocate large amounts of capital for the necessary infrastructure and resources, which would otherwise impact their profitability.

There are several reasons and benefits as to why you should outsource your customs brokerage data processing activities to O2I, as discussed below.

Understanding Customers' Requirements

The process of taking up outsourced projects from new clients or new projects for existing clients is completed in a structured and comprehensive manner, ensuring that we have a complete understanding of your project requirements; full details of the activities to be undertaken; your expectations with respect to the required infrastructure, systems, resources, rules and standards to be followed; and the final output or work product delivered to you.

This begins with allocating a dedicated account or project manager who meets with you or authorized personnel to learn, understand and become familiar with your organization's business, objectives, procedures and processes to be followed; technology, systems and software to be used in carrying out data processing activities; the onward and return transmission of data from your company to O2I and the completed work product from us back to you; and your concerns and requirements on ensuring data security, privacy and confidentiality about proprietary and critical information which is transferred to O2I.

Allocation of Resources and Infrastructure

Back at O2I, our project team begins preparing for taking over the outsourced processes by installing the required physical and technology infrastructure, recruiting and training the dedicated project team members (or diverting existing, trained personnel to your project) including data processors, team leaders and supervisors, and personnel who undertake auditing and quality assurance (QA) checks on the final data output and/or documentation, which is then delivered back to you or submitted to the customs authorities as per your requirements.

Effective Transition Management

Once the infrastructure and team is in place and ready to takeover processing activity, the designated account/project manager initiates contact with your company personnel overseeing and coordinating with O2I, reviews your requirements and provides an overview of the arrangements made to take over processing activities.

The project plan and schedule for beginning data processing services at O2I facilities is prepared, discussed and agreed upon. Data processing operations begin in the approved, phased manner and the entire process is closely monitored and tracked in the initial period, to ensure that there are no hiccups in taking over the outsourced activity from your in-house team and performing the same at our end.

Process Management and Quality Assurance at O2I

The O2I team ensures that documented procedures are followed by the processing team and deliverables are being met, with respect to:

  • Receiving raw data from your company through agreed media or by authorized access to your network server and/or Document Management System (DMS).
  • Step-by-step activity is undertaken as specified and parameters such as turnaround time, processing errors, data accuracy and integrity and completeness of documentation are monitored and reported as per requirements.
  • Clarifications and/or issues are addressed or referred to the client as per agreed SLAs in place.

At O2I, we follow a thorough and proactive QA policy, which mandates checks for quality and accuracy at every step/stage of the process and the final output is complete and critical data has not been missed or wrongly updated, before submission or transmission of the same.

Benefits of Outsourcing to O2I

Customs brokerage companies who have outsourced their B3 form building services and other data processing activities to O2I have reaped substantial benefits in their businesses, which are tangible and measurable, making us the outsourcing partner of choice for a majority of Canadian customs brokers. Here are some benefits we offer:

  1. Reducing operating costs – you will not have to invest on additional infrastructure and resources to manage a complex and time-consuming process.
  2. Freeing up experienced company resources from operational back office activities and utilizing them for more strategic activities such as soliciting new business and customers or other key initiatives.
  3. Meeting compliance requirements mandated by regulators and governmental authorities.
  4. Reducing error rates and turnaround times, allowing for increased volumes of shipments handled by the company. In many cases, outsourcing data processing services to O2I has helped customs brokers to bring down error rates to under 10% in the first instance (initial reduction by outsourcing to O2I), and to less than 2% over time with increased proficiency of data processors, familiarity with coding and terminology and customs clearance procedures.
  5. Reducing penalties and interest levied for not submitting customs documentation on time, omission or incorrect coding and calculations, not checking if the importer has valid certification to import goods into Canada; and other errors and oversights by the customs broker.

Outsource your customs brokerage data processing services and B3 form building services to O2I and benefit from increasing business volumes, adherence to regulatory requirements and cost rationalization, thereby increasing your profitability.

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