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Outsource Data Security, Privacy & Confidentiality

CSCB The sanctity and security of business-critical information are of utmost concern to businesses which outsource their data processing requirements to a different country; in particular, India, which has emerged as a premier destination for business process outsourcing. As a leading provider of outsourced business process services across a wide range of industries, Outsource2india (O2I) guarantees complete confidentiality, privacy and security of data, to its customers.

This guarantee is backed by a comprehensive policy which functions on three vital levels: prevention, detection and finally, resolution. At each of these 3 levels, O2I's security measures are designed to provide the speediest and most-effective responses. Set aside any concerns on data confidentiality, privacy and security when outsourcing customs brokerage data processing activities to O2I, our rigorous security measures are effective safeguards when it comes to data privacy and security.

Data Protection Measures at O2I

  1. Non-Disclosure and Service-Level Agreements

    O2I's outsourcing services are covered by a policy of signing non-disclosure (NDA) and service-level (SLA) agreements, and we ensure these are in place before undertaking any new projects from clients. These agreements clearly outline the measures O2I will take to ensure data security and confidentiality throughout the entire data processing and transmission cycle, with mutually-agreed upon service delivery terms at each distinct stage of the project.

  2. Restricted Entry & Access Control

    At O2I, entry into work areas is strictly monitored and restricted to visitors and unauthorized personnel. Areas where outsourced activities take place are clearly demarcated from other general work and administrative sections and entry into the former is strictly controlled with the help of access control devices. Monitoring systems installed at strategic points ensure that any unauthorized entry is immediately detected and prevented.

  3. Use of Dedicated Resources & Infrastructure

    O2I allocates manpower and infrastructure for each outsourcing project, based on our clients' individual requirements. This includes a dedicated team of trained and vetted data processors, computer systems and other necessary resources, utilized exclusively on your project. Should you require it, we can also maintain separate access records and work schedules for the team working on your project and provide them at your convenience.

  4. System Security

    All computer systems and associated peripherals used for outsourced data processing activities are embedded with the latest anti-virus protection software and secure backup tools to prevent and loss or breach of data. Modes of connectivity and data transfer such as USB ports and disk drives are disabled across all computers used by our employees; 'print' options are also restricted, to ensure complete data privacy and security. All systems activity at individual staff and/or computer is continuously monitored to detect and prevent any unauthorized or untoward incidents.

  5. Enhanced Security Measures

    While O2I ensures that the highest levels of data security, privacy and confidentiality are maintained on all outsourced activities and client projects, we are also open to implementing any additional, enhanced security measures, based on your specific requirements. These may include, but are not limited to, the installation of surveillance cameras providing visual feeds, both within and outside of business hours, maintenance of separate security records or complete systems infrastructure, etc.

O2I is committed to ensuring complete security, privacy and confidentiality of data handled as part of our outsourced data processing services.

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