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Outsource Associate Membership of CSCB

Customs brokerage is a specialist trade service which facilitates the easy and timely movement of goods and materials across national borders. A customs broker or an associate membership of CSCB is a licensed entity authorized by the respective statutory and regulatory bodies, to prepare and submit comprehensive documentation with respect to individual shipments, on behalf of trading companies which are engaged in exporting and importing such goods and materials from one or more countries to others.

Typically, customs brokers or companies arrange for the quick and timely clearance of shipments through one or more national customs' checkpoints, by providing customs authorities with prescribed documentation listing all pertinent and mandatory information, such as description of items, quantity, intended usage, origin(s) and intended destination(s), supplier(s) and recipient(s), customs duties payable, applicable tariff scales, special considerations under bilateral or multilateral trade agreements, etc.

Owing to its associate membership of CSCB, Outsource2india handles data processing and documentation preparation for a majority of Canadian customs brokerage companies. While customs requirements differ from country to country, the depth and range of O2I's experience in handling large volumes of data processing for the Canadian market have been transitioned seamlessly into providing similar outsourced services for customs brokers in other markets across the globe, as well.

CSCB: Objectives & Mission

The CSCB is the main industrial body representing licensed customs brokers, agencies and other organizations in Canada and other parts of the world. The CSCB represents the Canadian customs brokerage industry and interacts with the government and regulatory agencies in formulating and implementing policies and regulations which benefit the industry and growth of international trade. The Society also acts as a liaison between members and relevant regulatory agencies such as the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA); provides regular updates on industry news, business trends and compliance requirements; and facilitates professional and academic learning and development programs.

Associate Membership

CSCB membership is not limited to customs brokers or companies alone; the Society offers its associate membership to individual and institutional entities who may not be active, licensed customs brokers, but play an important role as key influencers or provide direct or indirect services to customs brokers and companies. As a leading provider of customized, outsourced business services to Canadian customs brokers, O2I is an associate member of the CSCB.

O2I Customs Brokerage Services

O2I offers the following core and additional services to the Canadian customs brokerage industry -

  • B3 Form Building: The Canada Customs Coding Form, alternatively referred to as the B3 Form is the minimal, mandatory documentation required by the CBSA, validating all shipments passing through Canadian customs. O2I provides a streamlined, timely and accurate B3 form building process, preferred by a majority of Canadian customs brokerage companies, to clear millions of shipments through customs each year.
  • Data Generation Services using CBSA-approved electronic data interchange systems - Accelerated Release Operations Support System (ACROSS) and Customs Automated Data Exchange (CADEX).
  • Additional services such as invoicing, data processing and conversion and custom software development.

Benefits of O2I Customs Brokerage Services

  • Regular and comprehensive training provided to data processing staff to quickly build proficiency and expertise.
  • Robust physical and electronic data confidentiality, privacy and security arrangements which are regularly reviewed and enhanced.
  • Professional, cost-effective and time-bound delivery of customs brokerage services.
  • High levels of accuracy and individual productivity with dual screen access and interface - checks input against original data simultaneously.

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