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Top 10 Data Extraction Tools

Top 10 Data Extraction Tools

Are you facing problems while extracting valuable information from large amounts of data? Then this article might be of help!

Decision makers need insightful data to take key business decisions. However, when dealing with cumbersome data and less manpower, businesses often struggle to draw valuable inferences. Leveraging carefully chosen data extraction tools can help companies timely analyze data and avail its advantages.

There are thousands of information extraction tools available which can help you perform diverse roles - collect information and draw valuable insights on market research, contact info, candidates looking for a job, track prices in multiple markets, etc. This article lists some of the most popular data extraction tools and how these tools can be used for business benefits.

10 Most Popular Data Extraction Tools

Ever since the World Wide Web has been expanding at an exponential rate in terms of data size and quality, data entry and extraction experts have been looking for new methods to extract data from the web. They understand the importance of data extraction in businesses and hence try to identify the most suitable extraction tool based on the business. To make things easy, we have listed top 10 data extraction tools for professionals as well as beginners -

  1. OutWitHub


    This is one of the most popular web extracting tools available in the market today. It usually segregates the web pages into different elements and then navigates from page to page to extract the relevant data from the website. This tool has an extension for Mozilla Firefox and Chrome which makes it easy to access and is mainly used to extract links, email ids, data tables, images, etc.

  2. Spinn3r


    This is a web service which is used to index the blogs around the world. It provides access to every blog that is published in real-time and is mainly used by organizations to get information from social media, forums, web blogs, reviews, comments, mainstream news monitoring, etc.

  3. Fminer

    F Miner

    This is another popular tool used by companies which mainly acts as a visual web extracting tool, web data extractor, and a macro recorder. It is mainly used for disparate web extracting, email id extraction, phone number extraction, image extraction, document extraction, etc.

  4. ParseHub


    This is one of the most well-known visual extraction tools in the market which can be used by anyone to extract data from the web. The tool is mainly used to extract images, email ids, documents, web data, contact info, phone numbers, pricing details, etc.

  5. Octaparse


    This is one of the most powerful web extracting tools which can grab all the open data from any website and also save the user the effort of copy-pasting the information or any kind of further coding. This is mainly used to extract IP addresses, disparate data, email addresses, phone numbers, web data, etc.

  6. Table Capture


    This tool is an extension to the Chrome browser which helps to capture the data from the website while navigating through the web pages without any hassles. It easily extractes the data from an HTML table of any website copies it to a clip board and converts it into any of the data formats such as Google spreadsheets, CSV, or Excel.

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  8. Tabula


    This is a desktop application for Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux, which helps companies and individuals to convert PDF files into an Excel or CSV file which can be easily edited. This is one of the most used extraction tools in data journalism.

  9. Dexi.io


    This web extracting tool doesn't need any kind of download and is a browser-based tool. This tool allows you to set up crawlers and fetch web data in real-time and also allows you to save the gathered information directly in the Google Drive or export it through CSV or JSON. One unique feature of this tool is that the data can be extracted anonymously using different proxy servers.

Advantages of Using Data Extraction Tools

The internet is a massive pool of data and it is important for businesses to access relevant information and derive useful insights to ensure their success in this fast-paced world. Some of the key benefits of using data extraction tools include -

  • Improves Accuracy - Using data extraction tools automates time-consuming manual process, reduces repetitive tasks and helps improve accuracy of the extracted data
  • Saves Time - These tools quickly extract huge sets of relevant data within a short time. Therefore, it is important to correctly identify the right data extracting tool as per your requirement which will help you save time to focus on other core tasks
  • Increases Productivity - With appropriate tools in place, your employees are spending more time on tasks which add value to your business and hence their overall productivity is drastically increased
  • Improves Visibility - These tools provide the staff with full visibility of all the records and make the management of stored data easy
  • Saves Costs - By automating time consuming and cumbersome tasks, companies need not hire extra staff and hence save on overhead costs considerably

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