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e-Commerce Product Data Cleansing Services

Outsource e-Commerce Product Data Cleansing Services

Get access to a complete range of ecommerce product data cleansing services and unlock the full potential of your data. Prices start at just $6/hour

E-commerce product data quality is an important differentiator for e-commerce success. Proper maintenance of data quality helps in ranking easily and, draws more traffic to your product. Business rules for e-commerce product data quality vary according to the audience. It applies differently for visitors, buyers, business administrators, compliance officers, customer service representatives, and marketers sales professionals and. Wrong product data quality can impact each of these roles in different ways.

Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in providing top-notch e-commerce product data cleansing solutions to clients around the world. We offer our clients a complete range of e-commerce product data quality services, to assist them to turn their database into a source of actionable and reliable information. Our services have assisted our e-commerce clients to analyze and improve product data quality to draw visitors from other countries, boost search engine rankings, and improve conversion rates.

Our e-Commerce Product Data Cleansing Services

As a leading e-commerce product data cleansing service provider, our services include -

  1. Data Analysis

    Data Analysis

    In this step, the data is analyzed to come to definite conclusions. Based on these substantive conclusions it is possible to make more informed business decisions. We carry out product data analysis for a variety of requirements such as product recommendations both on a personalized and impersonalized data, market basket analysis to identify the association between a set of products purchased together; price optimization to assist set optimal profits to balance between profit and consumer purchase power and demand forecasting to anticipate the demand for a product and predict sales. Besides these, we also carry out other specific data analyses as required by a business.

  2. Data Deduplication

    Data Deduplication

    In this stage, we remove every chance of data deduplication so that the data consistency is maintained for clean data analysis. As duplicate listings can leave online buyers confused and bring a bad name to an e-commerce store, we make sure information about similar products or incomplete information does not mislead one to missed sales opportunities, unnecessary inventory expenses, and needless communication with customers. We take care of data deduplication by integrating the current product data in real-time, automating the process of identifying duplicates, merging and comparing data from multiple sources for end-to-end deduplication.

  3. Data Standardization

    Data Standardization

    In the process of data standardization, we convert data to a standard format so that it can be analyzed in a hassle-free way. E-commerce stores tap into data from several sources. These sources primarily include data warehouses, clouds, lakes, and databases. Since each of these sources contains data in different formats, collating them for proper analysis leads to hitches. As part of the standardization process, we bring uniformity to e-commerce data components such as URLs, abbreviations, meta-tag information, attribute tags, and pricing.

    We parse the data to precisely give the dimensions of each product the same unit of measure. In the process key elements of a product are standardized to be viewed uniformly across e-commerce platforms, stores, and applications.

  4. Data Normalization

    Data Normalization

    Product data normalization is all about optimizing existing client data and put it in the right fields and right format in a database. This is particularly important for e-commerce stores because data is tapped from different sources, and hence comes with different attributes. In this stage of the service, we sort the data and arrange them in such a way that storing and accessing the information becomes easy and effective. As a result, when data is pulled from a particular table for analysis analysts will find them with normalized values and relevant units. Our services will ensure an e-commerce site has consistent pages and provides a uniform experience to visitors.

  5. Data Validation and Quality Assurance

    Data Validation and Quality Assurance

    We process the data through this stage while moving and merging data. It is done to ensure data from different sources and repositories are consistent with business rules and are not applicable or corrupted to contribute to data analysis. We validate the data with advanced tools, and check with real-time inputs and corrections to ensure the data is consistent and 100% accurate. In the process, we assist to remove all data conflicts in the data spectrum for a smooth delivery process. We specialize in different types of data quality validation based on business objectives and destination constraints.

Importance of e-Commerce Product Data Cleansing

As an e-commerce company, you need the right data to stay ahead of the competition. For this, you need to strategize and the best way to do this is by having the right data at your disposal. When data is not cleansed properly it can lead to the absence of the right attributes to describe the product. This can happen even when there is limited data for cleansing particularly when there is a need to have complete data. Sometimes it also happens when the data does not describe the right attributes of the product. The biggest benefit of e-commerce data cleansing is paving the way for streamlined operations and increased benefits.

With chances of de-duplication removed, retailers can place optimum orders and, in the process, ensure the right churn of the products on their websites. This helps in improving exactness and bringing down the returns in orders. All this can lead to improved profitability with greater sales.

Characteristics of High-quality E-commerce Product Data

There are several advantages of product data cleansing. E-commerce product data needs to have the following qualities to be analyzed thoroughly and precisely.

  • Accuracy. The data has to be close to true values.
  • Validity. The data has to be relevant to your business and conform to defined business rules.
  • Complete. The collected has to be in whole ( not in parts) and within a specified period.
  • Consistency. The data attribute has to be consistent across the same or multiple datasets.
  • Uniformity. The collected data must have the same unit of measure.

E-commerce product data cleansing ensures each of these qualities is instilled in your data.

Other Services You Can benefit from

Why Outsource e-Commerce Product Data Cleansing Services to Outsource2india?

As an experienced and expert e-commerce product data cleansing service providing company we provide many benefits to our clients. These include -

  • Significant Cost Savings

    One direct benefit of outsourcing data cleansing requirements to us is that it cuts down nearly 80% of the time data scientists spend on refining and organizing data. This huge savings in time has a direct bearing on costs. Further, our services come at one-third the costs of onshore companies.

  • End-to-End Data Quality Services

    We provide our clients with end-to-end product data quality cleansing to eliminate ambiguities from data. We pay meticulous attention to ensure keywords in page titles, headers, page slugs, navigation, image titles, internal links, meta description, and image alt tags. Besides, we target towards removing duplicates in assortment, outdated product descriptions, outdated prices, wrong HTML tags, product images, etc.

  • Expert Team

    We are driven by a team of experts with wide exposure to data cleansing. They specialize in critical tasks such as identifying data sources, preparing data followed by cleansing and merging. Besides, they specialize in delivering written reports and presentations to managers along with possible solutions and technical suggestions.

  • Increased Sales Revenue

    As data cleansing increases the accuracy of data used for marketing and sales it improves the chance of a greater number of right parties contact thereby leading to enhanced sales and revenues. Additionally, outsourcing data cleansing allows you to free your in-house teams to focus on important tasks thus giving more drive to increasing revenue.

  • Enhance the Accuracy of Marketing Data

    Outsourcing e-commerce product data cleansing helps in eliminating all inconsistencies and gaps in data with a great degree of accuracy. As a result, organizations can convert inconsistent data to consistent ones and make sure that there are no wrong assumptions while targeting leads. This expertise helps you save significantly on time.

  • Improved Lead Quality

    We have vast experience and expertise in filtering leads. A recent report on lead conversion says that lead conversion with the help of data cleansing can reduce the probability of conversion from 143:1 to 68: 1 with a complete focus on quality. We have a track record of improving lead generation by a whopping 152%.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

    Outsourcing e-commerce product data cleansing services can give your business the scalability it needs to keep pace with the prevailing market dynamics. Also by outsourcing data cleansing, you can easily bring about a change in requirement or termination of contracts after seasonal fluctuations are met.

  • Advanced Tools like Automation

    We rely on the most advanced data cleansing tools to give your filtered data the accuracy it needs. Today, most renowned data cleansing companies rely on automated solutions to clean messy data. This makes the process of data wrangling or data munging more sophisticated and sharper with time-bound deliverables.

  • Round the Clock Services

    We operate from different global centers and can provide round-the-clock data cleansing services to our clients. This helps in expediting the process of data analysis as we do the spadework of data cleaning when your team is asleep and keep the cleaned data ready by the time they are back to work.

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

    Data cleansing helps in accurate product discovery by customers. Besides, it helps in connecting with customers instantly at the time of product promotions. This makes cross-selling and up-selling of products very easy. Customers can also relate to your promotional efforts in the best possible way thus leading to greater customer satisfaction.

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Outsource e-Commerce Product Data Cleansing Services to Outsource2india


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As a product data quality enrichment company, we have handled the requirements of some of the most renowned platforms as well as start-ups to help them gain a competitive advantage. We distill and enrich their e-commerce product data to create a rich and quality database that helps in meeting all of their objectives. Our exposure has given us a comprehensive understanding of different data cleansing requirements.

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