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Outsource FAQs on Outsourcing Forms Processing

FAQs on Outsourcing Forms Processing

I have 6 million application forms in Dutch that I need entered into an Excel database. How much would you charge?

This email came to us very recently and is similar to a lot of other inquiries that we receive. Often customers have handwritten forms and they need us to manually enter the data into a computer. Once we see a few typical forms and know the quality, we can give this customer from The Netherlands a quote.

Who are your customers?

We serve many international customers from the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, France, The Netherlands and around 20 other countries.

What is the history and background of your company?

Outsource2india is an Indian company operating from Bangalore, India. We started as a software company in 2002 and expanded into BPO services in 2002. Know more about O2I by clicking here.

What are the forms processing services provided by Outsource2india?

Form processing is taking your form and scanning it or entering it into a database. We can do this manually or with the help of automated systems. These forms may include medical claims, invoices, applications and surveys, coupons, insurance claims, shipping, rebate forms, subscription, rental, patient, registration and much more.

Why should I select O2I to outsource my forms processing requirements?

Here are some of the advantages we offer -

  • Excellent communication with our customers
  • Integrated OCR and manual data entry for quality verification
  • Manual entry for forms that are not machine readable
  • Efficient project management and experienced people
  • Integrated verification with your database
  • Some novel software solutions to speed-up
  • A variety of other technical solutions

Can you do online data entry?

Some projects may require online data entry for speed, convenience, and security. We can deploy online operators working directly on your server if required.

Can you make PDF forms?

We can make PDF forms using Adobe's Lifecycle Designer. These attractive forms can be sent via email or put on a website. Once the form is completed and the submit button is clicked, the data from the form can be sent via email or added to a database.

What are the other forms related services that you provide?

Since we are a division of a web application development company we can make web surveys, integrate forms into a website, and program forms for collecting information into an online database.

Outsource2india's other related services include -

Outsource your forms processing services to O2I and benefit from minimizing your workload economically

If you would like to assess the competency and quality of our work, why not let us do a small free trial? Your questions about quality, turnaround time, security, and other key issues will be answered. If you would like to find out more, please fill in the inquiry form and O2I's client engagement team will contact you within 24 hours.

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