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Data Extraction and Database Creation for a US client

Database Creation for US Client

Outsource2india helped a US based client extract large volume of data from over 20,000 documents and created a database based on it in just 45 days

An audit firm based in the United States required a partner who could extract data from specific contracts in both digital and handwritten form into Excel spreadsheets. They approached Outsource2india to handle this need based on our experience of working on similar projects.

The Client

The client is an audit firm in the United States that specializes in audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services. They needed a partner who could complete the following -

  • Extract specific data from scanned copies of contracts as well as handwritten contracts
  • Index all extracted data into Excel as part of the creation of a new database
  • Ability to meet very specific requirements within a specific timeframe as provided by the client

Project Challenges

As part of the project, challenges were faced by the O2I team. These included the handwritten portion of the contracts that needed to be processed. While experienced in working with hard copies for the purpose of data entry, some of these handwritten contracts were unclear to our team with nearly illegible or fully illegible entries. Because of how important accuracy was to the overall success of the project, this portion took longer than anticipated and required extra care by the team.

The Solution

To ensure the project was completed to the highest degree of accuracy and within the timeframe needed by the client, the following was completed -

  • Several samples were shared with the client before the project started for them to evaluate performance before proceeding. These samples were approved and the project started in full.
  • To ensure maximum productivity and completion of the project within the client's requirements, 30 resources were assigned to work exclusively on the project.
  • The client uploaded all files via FTP and provided specific instructions for the execution of the project. They also provided key details about the source documents and the data that needed to be extracted.
  • The team accessed the files via FTP and then used OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to scan the hard copies of the contracts and convert them into digital files that could be edited.
  • The data was then extracted from these converted files based on client guidelines.
  • Data was transferred into Excel spreadsheets once extracted and a QA team was tasked with performing a strict review of the entire project to ensure every file was accurate and error-free.
  • Finished files were then uploaded via FTP to the client once per week for review.

The Results

As a result of the Outsource2india project, the client received the data extraction they required with an accuracy rate of 99.5%, matching the client's quality benchmark. The full project involved extraction of data from nearly 20,000 documents over the course of just 45 days, ensuring timely and accurate completion of the project for the client. As a result, the client has since engaged Outsource2india further for similar projects.

To learn more about our data extraction services and data entry services, contact Outsource2india today.

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