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Top-notch Business Acquisition Entrepreneur Gets Data Enrichment and Data Cleansing Services from Outsource2india

Case Study on Data Enrichment and Data Cleansing

The Client

The client is an entrepreneur based in Connecticut, US. A business attorney with past experience in mergers and acquisitions, the client actively seeks out small and medium business owners without an online presence.

The client closes these acquisitions and facilitates the current owners smooth transition to other projects or retirement. The client grows the business long term, building on the already established foundation by the current owner.

The Requirement

The client's team collects business owner names, company names and email IDs of small and medium sized business owners (5- 25 million dollar revenue). The client's team looks specifically for companies with no online presence.

On validating the information, the client approaches each business owner, enters into business negotiations and buys the business if considered profitable. Next, the client resells or continues the business depending on how much profit the business is likely to bring in. The client wanted an outsourcing partner to validate the collected business owner information.

Project Challenges

The client required ad hoc resources on an urgent basis (8 immediate resources).

O2I's Solution

On receiving the client's business enquiry, O2I undertook a Scope of Work assessment and scheduled a quality test (trial). During the trial, the client provided O2I with an eight page online training manual via email. The manual contained a detailed description of the required process.

Next, the client sent O2I one hundred records with business owner names, company names, email addresses etc. O2I designated one full-time resource to handle the trial. O2I's resource validated the email addresses using online tools like Rocket Reach, Hunter, Zoominfo and more. If the given email ID was incorrect, O2I's resource performed a data enrichment service and provided the correct email ID.

The completed information was sent back to the client via email in an Excel format, via email. Every record was verified and categorized into a Yes, No and Risky category (risky being email IDs that could not be verified.) The client requested that we omit email IDs that could not be verified. The trial was successfully completed in one business day.

Based on the success of the trial, the client signed an ongoing contract with O2I to outsource on an adhoc basis (between 700 a day or 1500 records weekly). O2I assigned eight trained standby resources to handle the ad hoc requirements.

Client Benefits

The client acknowledged our precision data validation, cleansing and enrichment. They also commended the speed with which we delivered the project, and the high number of ad hoc resources allotted.

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