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Outsource Digital Catalog Outsourcing Process at O2I

Creating, maintaining and updating catalogs for online stores and e-commerce websites is an ongoing process. To deliver high levels of accuracy and total confidentiality of your online catalogs, O2I follows a well-defined Catalog Outsourcing Process. The O2I team is specially trained in the product range and processes of the customer.

Catalog Conversion Process

Paper Product Catalog

Customers send paper product catalogs to Outsource2india

Analyse Paper Catalog

The paper catalogs are analyzed & documented

Designed Online Catalog

Online catalogs or web-based catalogs are designed

Designed User Interface

The user interface of the website is designed

Experts Edit Products

Image editing experts edit & enhance the images of products

Quality Assurance Experts

Quality assurance experts check the final outcome for accuracy

Online Catalogs Updated

The online catalogs are updated on a regular basis

The steps involved in the catalog outsourcing process are:

  • Our catalog conversion customers send us paper catalogs of their products
  • The catalog conversion experts at O2I will analyze the catalogs and then document all the information
  • Depending on the requirements of our customer, we can develop and design an online catalog or web-based catalog
  • The designers at O2I will design the user interface of the online website
  • Our image editing professionals will edit and enhance the images of your products, in order to make the products more appealing
  • Our expert quality assurance professionals will check the the final outcome for accuracy and quality
  • We will then design a workflow, where the online catalogs will be updated on a regular basis

Our Catalog Outsourcing Process is customizable to meet your needs. We at O2I, aim at designing an optimal, efficient and effective catalog outsourcing process that would take care of your end-to-end catalog management needs.

Digital Catalog Outsourcing Services from O2I

An online catalog ensures easy searching and instant access to a company's products. It means people can reach your products anytime, anywhere. Outsource2india offers end-to-end catalog outsourcing and maintenance services to e-commerce companies, online stores and internet based businesses. We build and maintain product and inventory catalogs that are up-to-date, consistent and have complete descriptions about products on offer. O2I's catalog management services help companies to grow their business on the web and move ahead of the competition.

The services included in O2I's catalog outsourcing suite include conversion of paper catalogs to online ones or building new digital catalogs from the scratch. We also offer catalog updating services, which involves adding new products, deleting obsolete products and making periodic revisions to price. We audit the product range to ensure that there are no duplications or products missed out.

Online shoppers are often faced with retail catalogs that tend to have duplicate entries, poor item descriptions and unstructured presentation of data. This defeats the whole purpose of an online catalog and makes the entire experience confusing and frustrating for shoppers. Some may even end up buying wrong products based on inaccurate descriptions and misleading images. Catalog Outsourcing services from O2I can help you create catalogs that are free of duplication and ambiguity, complete, consistent and visually appealing.

O2I helps in the creation and maintenance of superior quality online catalogs that list out, display and give complete descriptions of products and inventories making the shopping decision authentic and effective for shoppers online.

Partner with O2I for Catalog Outsourcing Services

Increase the global reach and online presence of your business with Outsource2india's Catalog Conversion Services. Contact O2I for your comprehensive Catalog Outsourcing needs and put your best foot forward to online customers searching your site.

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