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O2I's Property Management Back Office Services Help a Property Dealer Manage Over 110 Properties

Expert Property Management Back Office Services

The Customer

Our customer is a leading and renowned property dealer, situated in the United States, with more than 110 properties in New York itself. The company started outsourcing property management services to Outsource2india in 2004. Over the last decade, the team of property management experts at Outsource2india has helped this customer to exponentially grow his business and take it to the next level.

Business Requirements

This customer was looking for a reliable and skilled service provider, with extensive experience in property management. The customer wanted a service provider who would minimize the stress of handling numerous properties efficiently and provide fast services at competitive rates. The customer also required services with a minimum SLA of 98%.

The Challenges

After a careful analysis of the client's requirements, team at Outsource2india faced a few challenges, like -

  • The customer required a skilled mediator for individual properties who would work between the supervisor and the tenants, taking care of tasks like maintenance, property upkeep etc.
  • There was an immediate requirement to get a team of experienced call center agents which could answer calls from the tenants
  • An additional team had to be recruited to communicate with the maintenance staff like plumbers, electricians etc., and to quickly redress complaints from the customers
  • Employee payroll had to be expertly managed, and we had to hire an expert dedicated for this project
  • The customer required a team which could work on a 24/6 basis
  • Our team had to liaise with several vendors to find the right personnel for the right job

Our Solution

We devised an approach to address all the customer's requirements in a successful manner. This was done while making sure that the premises are well-maintained for the tenants. Our winning solution included the following steps -

  • We deployed a team of dedicated call center agents to efficiently handle all the maintenance call requests from the customer's tenants on a day-to-day basis
  • Our current property management team was initially working from 7AM to 7 PM (Monday to Friday). To meet the customer's requirement for 24/6 services, we added extra personnel to our team
  • We recruited an experienced property manager to liaise with the customer's supervisor and keep them updated about the maintenance, property upkeep, etc.
  • Our team took over the customer's drafting tenancy agreements, which dealt with tenancy insurance certificates and filing of reports for garbage non-clearance on a daily basis
  • Our team ensured that all payments were efficiently and quickly processed on the customer's CRM system

The Results

At the project closure, the customer was extremely satisfied with our solution, which took care of everything, right from managing and maintaining the customer's properties to dues, payment of taxes and even employee payroll. The following are some of the highlights of our successful project execution -

  • Apart from an effective management of his properties, the customer was also able to enjoy significant savings in cost
  • Completely satisfied with our work, the customer decided to outsource the property management of his other properties to us. Today, we are proud to say that we handle over 110 properties for this customer on a monthly basis

In 2004, we started out by managing only one property of this customer. Gradually, over the last decade, we moved to handling 110 properties for this customer, which exemplifies our passion for premium quality services. This customer is now our oldest and most valuable business partner.

Outsource for Efficient Property Back Office Management

Does your business have a similar back office requirement for property management services? Are you not sure of who to outsource to? Do you want a solution at a competitive price with no compromise on quality? If yes, then we at Outsource2india are the ideal partner for your business. Our streamlined process workflow, premium quality services, fast deliveries and skilled resources will ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services.

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