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This case study illustrates the potential of outsourcing legal document preparation to India. It is also a great example of how the Outsource2india team, through its flexibility, capacity to grasp new concepts, and quality output, creates a hassle free outsourcing experience for our customers. The client is extremely satisfied with the results and wants to hand over complete document management of his law office to Outsource2india.

It was a usual evening at the office when we received a slightly unusual inquiry. An attorney from the United States was considering the possibility of outsourcing his entire back office preparations to India. Even before we analyzed his inquiry we understood that this was not routine data entry work and we were entering into a new area. Instead of guessing the nature of the work we called up the client to discuss his inquiry in detail.

The phone call clarified our questions as well as his and initial communication already seemed to signal that this was going to be a successful outsourcing venture. We addressed issues relating to security, turnaround time, cost advantages, and an absolutely error free quality output.

He explained the process to us, which involved him sending us scanned documents (case histories). Once we received it he required us to analyze it in order to be in a position to answer defendant questions of verification. At first his requirements seemed extremely complicated since it involved legal terminology and a vast amount of patient information reports and medical insurance claim forms.

Both parties decided to begin the trial and we got to the task immediately. The trial helped us understand the project better and our client was extremely happy with our prompt response time and our ability to learn.

The transition to legal document preparation was simple. We set up a VPN that allowed us to work online on our client's server. He developed software so that we could collect the files. Since he is very much a part of the entire project and is aware of developments at all times he is completely satisfied with our security arrangements, which provide for information integrity and absolute confidentiality.

Quality is a key concern area for all customers that outsource and we addressed the concerns in this project, as in all our others, systematically. We monitored each file on a daily basis and focused on areas like index numbers, date of services, exhibits, client verification, etc. To facilitate the process and to maintain quality we set up a chat ID so that we were in constant contact with a verifier from our client's office. Once the document is complete, it is posted onto the server where it is collected, printed and sent straight away after verification from the client's side. We also have a quality manager who checks all the details before the document goes back to the client. Our reporting system ensured that the client was always informed and knew when to remove and upload files.

The end result saw productivity of 400 files per employee per month. This figure was accompanied by excellent quality and customer delight.

This project illustrates the enormous potential of outsourcing legal document preparation to India. We believe that this work can be carried out in India and the client can achieve remarkable cost efficiencies as well as a hassle free transition and excellent productivity and quality.

Today our experience with our client says it all. We are in the process of taking over complete document management of the law office maintaining our commitment to being complete outsourcing solutions providers. Our history is one of helping our customers succeed in their ventures by creating value for them.

Please get in touch with Outsource2india if you would like to find out how we can create true value for you through hassle free outsourcing or would just like more information on outsourcing.

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