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Brand Research Services

Outsource Brand Research Services

Want to make or change the perception of your brand? If so, get an excellent brand research solution to measure your brand potential, performance, threats, and opportunities at $14 an hour!

Are you facing difficulties with your brand development or stuck at an ongoing branding phase? Are you falling short of skilled resources who can cater to all your brand research needs? If so, we have good news for you. At Outsource2india, we provide exclusive brand research services to help a business establish its brand. We offer an end-to-end solution from devising the launch strategy to competitor's analysis. Once relevant data is with you, you will be able to steer your business towards the target group.

Even if you lack qualified resources, you can choose our brand research services to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Outsource2india is one such brand research agency that can take care of all your brand research needs. We have some of the most qualified and experienced brand research experts on board who can take care of all your needs with ease. We leverage the latest tools and technologies to derive key insight into your competitors and also get some information about your company's and product's perception before it reaches the market.

Brand Research Services We Offer

Our brand research services can help you measure business potential, performance, threats, and opportunities. If you have considered investing your time and effort in brand research, then, you must know that you are a step ahead of many businesses who know zilch about brand market research.

Outsource2india, a leading brand research consulting firm, has been catering to the needs of companies across the globe for over 25 years now. We understand each client's needs with ease and provide them with customized services within a quick turnaround time. A few of the many brand research services that we provide are -

  1. Brand Positioning Strategy

    Brand Positioning Strategy

    You must be aware of the fact that the perception of a brand is all in all. Evidently, perception is something that you cannot build or change in a day. Therefore, before putting yourself in the never-ending cycle of brand building, invest some time and money in building your brand's positioning strategies. This will help you gain substantial and real-time data that you can use to analyze your brand strategy and make changes in your service/product or marketing/sales process.

  2. Brand Research Services for Identifying Promotional Channels

    Brand Research Services for Identifying Promotional Channels

    Are you aware of the marketing channels that can best suit your line of products and services? If no, then let us help you. As a trusted provider of brand research services in India, we can analyze what promotional activities or campaigns works. In addition, we can ascertain the marketing channels that can help you promote your business in the best possible way.

  3. Brand Positioning Optimization

    Brand Positioning Optimization

    At O2I, we provide a full brand position optimization service to help you identify opportunities and fix the issues. This way, you will be able to position yourself in the best possible way and successfully launch or establish your business. By leveraging the data collected during the market and brand research, we can provide accurate and valuable insights into brand positioning optimization.

  4. Customer Analysis

    Customer Analysis

    If you are aware of your target audience and market capacity, then you can scale new heights. If not, outsource brand research services to us. With our services, you will be able to know and measure the response of your brand's marketing or advertisement on your customers. This way, you will get a good idea about your customers and the market.

  5. Brand Research Services for Perceptual Mapping

    Brand Research Services for Perceptual Mapping

    As a B2B branding research company, we have worked with many clients hailing from different business domains and locations. Moreover, we have also communicated a lot with the customers during the services. Now, we have the team, infrastructure, tools, and systems to analyze the market mood vis-à-vis customers. This way, we can create accurate mapping models to showcase the public's/market's perception of your business.

  6. Brand Value Monitoring

    Brand Value Monitoring

    Do you know the reasons behind the changes in customers' buying behavior? How a simple logo can affect a brand? If you partner up with us for the brand research services, we can find out the perceived value of your brand and the actions that you can take to change it. In addition, we can measure even small changes and inform you of real-time data so that you do relevant changes.

  7. Brand Market Research

    Brand Market Research

    Brand market research can help you measure business potential, performance, threats, and opportunities vis-à-vis market. By choosing us as your brand research agency -

    • You will be able to single out your business tone by analyzing your brand w.r.t your competitors
    • You can ascertain the market mood and build a segmented audience
    • Down the lane, you will have a large list of loyal customers
  8. On-demand Brand Research Specialist

    On-demand Brand Research Specialist

    By partnering up with us, you can hire specialists for brand research services as well. This way, you will have dedicated resources working exclusively for you. All our brand research professionals are skilled, qualified, and experienced in brand analysis, data analysis, brand strategies, etc. They will leave no stone unturned to enhance your business image, create efficient branding strategies, brand initiatives, and more.

  9. Competitor Analysis

    Competitor Analysis

    Under our competitor analysis services, we offer benchmarking, researching, and monitoring of competitors. The information that you will gain after our services will help you identify your gap areas. Also, you will be able to know what marketing strategies your competitors are following, their brand value, etc.

Brand Research Process We Follow

By outsourcing brand research services to O2I, you can significantly reduce man-hours, costs, and achieve better results in a shorter time. Here are the process details we follow -


Identify Problem

First, our team will find out the existing problems and the key areas to focus on


Define the Research Procedures

After ascertaining the gap areas, we will define the exact methods to perform brand research


Conduct Research

Here, we will assign the tasks to professionals according to their expertise and begin the actual brand research process. We will also use appropriate software or tools


Create Brand Research Reports

After completing all the research processes, we will create the research and finding reports


Delivery Reports

At last, we will share our findings with you

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Outsource2india for Brand Research Services?

Whether you are looking for a single resource or a comprehensive brand research consulting solution, we can tailor our services to your exact needs. Take a look at some of the many benefits you can only get from outsourcing brand research services to us -

  • Cost-effective Services

    If you choose to work with us, you can leverage the skills of our professionals to optimize your branding initiatives. This will result in a sudden decrease in expenditure relative to the cost. In addition, we offer a flexible pricing model for all types of brand market research services based on the project schedule, scope, etc.

  • End-to-end Information Security

    We take regulatory compliance norms very seriously. That is why we are among a few brand research service providers that have been accredited with the prestigious ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certification.

  • Access to Agile Brand Research Teams

    With our agile service & delivery model and extensive talent pool, we can help you conduct efficient, fast, and accurate brand research. To do this successfully, we have a vast pool of over 500 professionals working full time in our facility.

  • Pre-built Functions and Processes

    With our off-the-shelf frameworks, tools, and systems, we have the technical expertise to get your project up and running right away. From research to the implementation of the branding process, our team can provide quality service.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    When it comes to infrastructure, O2I is second to none. With a state-of-the-art network and connectivity, you will find no issues with us. Also, we have world-class offices across the globe that allows us to serve our client in a better way.

  • Better control over the Burn-rate

    If you run a small or medium business, every step you take will affect or disrupt your brand, thus, affecting your overall business and market value. However, you can easily build a better team at a low expense, which helps you have better control over the burn-rate.

  • Access to Larger Skillset

    In today's competitive business environment, you cannot compromise on cost, time, and proficiency. However, choosing our brand research for professional services will give you more time to focus on your skills.

  • On-demand Experts

    Your budget may be running out, or you may not be able to consolidate resources as needed due to your geographic location or other reasons. If that's the problem, don't worry. If you outsource brand research services to us, you can take advantage of our on-demand experts.

  • Shorten Research Time

    With our 24-hour service, multiple delivery centers across the globe, we have a time-zone advantage. Therefore, our team can successfully support you with all types of brand research services. This way, you will witness reduced turnaround time.

  • Economies of Scale

    As a trusted brand research services in India, through our partnership, you will have the leeway to allocate the exact amount of resources to your project. In addition, you can optimize the services at any time by increasing or decreasing the deliverables and number of resources.

  • Better flexibility

    With our unique but flexible collaborative outsourcing model, you will have end-to-end control over your project and can assign tasks to your likings to us at your own time and pace.

  • Intelligent Resource Allocation

    With our experience with our global clients, we have been successful in onboarding, training, and retaining the best talents. This allows us to allocate the right resources for your project.

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As a prominent brand research service providing company for many of the world's customers, O2I offers a wide range of market research services, including brand research that can be customized to outline the data about your competitors, market mood of particular product/service, your brand positioning, and more. Also as a leading market research company, we have a large number of internal and virtual resources that you can use at your disposal. As a result, you will see a rapid increase in your brand's performance.

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Brand Research Services FAQs

  • What is brand research?

    Brand research is research performed to create and curate solid, distinctive brands. It helps firms achieve a competitive advantage through objective, data-driven insights.

  • Why is brand research important?

    Insights from brand research help marketers and strategists to make informed judgments related to positioning, distribution, target markets, pricing, partnerships, and so on.