Note: "Do not fall for scammers - O2I does not offer freelance work nor does it take money for projects". All projects are done out of our state of the art facilities in India, PHIL and South America. Contact us to get any details of O2I vendor selection policy.

Outsource Why Outsource Web-Based Market Research to O2I?

The internet has made the world a global village by providing an ‘accessibility’ to people everywhere. While initially starting off as a luxury, it has now become a necessity. The internet is used extensively for buying and selling and has created an enormous online market. Web-based Market Research involves an understanding of this market and discovering ways to change business trends to suit the needs of today with an eye on tomorrow.

With the internet’s usability expanding rapidly, Outsource2india has kept pace with the times. We have successfully executed RnA projects for customers spread around the globe. When you outsource to O2I, we assure you world-class quality surpassing international standards and on-time delivery. O2I’s consultants hold PhDs or Masters degrees in their respective fields of specialization. Our varied intellect includes biologists, chemists, bioinformaticians, statisticians, software programmers and algorithm developers with years of experience. Technical areas of expertise include electrical & electronics, computing, civil & civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemicals, polymers, petrochemicals, biotechnology, life sciences, physics etc.

Outsource2india’s unique value proposition for Web-based Market Research Outsourcing

  • End-to-end solutions for all research needs
  • Scale economies
  • In-depth domain expertise
  • Excellent research and analytical skills
  • Strong process and project implementation
  • Strong English communication skills
  • Utilization of the internet to get and execute projects
  • We can manage both the business and execution part of a project.

Advantages of Outsource2india’s Research Services

  • Cost savings as high as 40-45%
  • World class quality deliverables submitted with low turnaround time.
  • Access to high-quality research and analytical skill sets - as and when you need them
  • Hassle-free outsourcing environment with us taking full responsibility for the project
  • Highly qualified team holding Ph.D. or Masters degrees
  • Strong Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) domain expertise
  • Guaranteed security and confidentiality with offshoring your needs.

Infrastructure and Security

Power Supply

O2I’s workplace is connected to a high tension power source, It is also supported by a generator (120 KVA) which can support operations continuously for 6 hours.

All systems and critical equipment are connected to a UPS system which can provide a minimum backup of 2 hours in case of a power failure.

Internet Connectivity at Outsource2india

O2I has a dedicated 1Mbps internet line. We also have a dedicated 2Mbps line exclusively for downloading client input files. The 1Mbps line also serves as a back up for the 2Mbps line while down loading files. Redundancy is also built in the local loop that connects the processing facility with the internet service provider (ISP) guaranteeing 99.95% uptime and connectivity.

Mirroring and Security

  • RAID (level-1) has been implemented in critical servers.
  • Back ups are taken and stored in remote locations away from the processing unit.
  • Critical information within the processing unit is stored in fireproof storage systems.
  • SLA and NDA have been signed with relevant vendors to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Quality and Data Security standards followed by Outsource2india

  • ISO 9001 certified
  • We are driven by Six Sigma and Customer Operation Performance Center (COPC) methodologies.
  • Currently in the process of getting BS7799 certification (an internationally renowned certification for data security and integrity created by the British Standards Institute).

O2I values your privacy

We at Outsource2india are sensitive to customer concerns and ensure absolute confidentiality and privacy of any information that is given to us. Customers can specify their preferred method of contact with us and we will not disclose their identity without expressed or written consent from them.

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