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Open-end Coding Services

Outsource Open-end Coding Market Research Services

Gather actionable and quantifiable insights from the audience responses. Outsource open-end coding market research to O2I at an affordable rate of just $14/hour

Open-end coding helps companies to analyze insights from open-end coding responses such as words, phrases, voices, images, and ideas. We provide open-end coding services for social media platforms, survey forms, CRM software, IVR systems, customer feedback platforms, and websites. Our experienced team of coders at O2I processes open-end coding response translations across 65 languages annually while maintaining the standard of quality.

Our competent team of trained linguists and coders works across various sectors including healthcare, consumer marketing, and finance. With a deep cultural understanding, they interpret responses in the most reliable manner. Our team has expertise in creating personalized code frames for your requirements. We are proficient in dealing with multiple open-end coding software to assure high-quality coding services to our clients. Outsource open-end coding market research to O2I to receive timely deliverables.

Open-end Coding Services We Offer

We are a premier market research open ended coding service providing company and provide customized open-end coding market research services as per client requirements. Our harmonious blend of human and technological assets gives out the best ROI for the clients. As a leading open-end coding company, we offer the following end-to-end services:

  1. Customer Response Analysis

    Customer Response Analysis

    Our extensively trained and highly qualified coders examine consumer response data from various sources and interpret crucial data about customer behavior. By deriving these insights, our coders compile critical findings that help you make strategic marketing decisions.

  2. Multi-lingual Coding Services

    Multi-lingual Coding Services

    We have a team skilled at providing open-end coding services in more than 65 different languages. These include English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, German, French, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, and Turkish among many others.

  3. Translation Memory Services

    Translation Memory Services

    We at O2I, provide translation memory services by using advanced translation memory software. This ensures a consistent, cost-effective, and speedy translation process.

  4. Document Proofreading Services

    Document Proofreading Services

    We perform stringent document proofreading to ensure accurate translations of the coded documents. Our proofreading experts verify the data according to the local style and relevance of the particular language. We comply with all the proofreading quality measures ensuring our clients the highest quality of services.

  5. Online Validation of Open-end Coding Documents

    Online Validation of Open-end Coding Documents

    We validate the responses from survey platforms or other channels to publish the open-end coding documents. Every aspect of the Q/A form is thoroughly checked for accuracy, layout, size, structure, and fonts. These open-end coding documents are minutely checked and validated for their overall screen appearance.

  6. Transcription Services

    Transcription Services

    We provide the best transcription service for all open-end coding data. Our team converts and transcripts audio records of customer responses into useful data. We work with all types of audio file formats to provide accurate transcription services.

Key Application Areas for Our Open-end Coding Services

Our open-end coding experts code an assortment of open-ended responses/data, including:

  • Social media comments and feedback.
  • Messages and comments from websites.
  • Unstructured data/responses from online surveys.
  • Audio recordings of IVR including customer service calls and podcasts.
  • Telephonic surveys/computer-supported telephonic interviews.
  • Open-ended answers for survey forms, CAPI, paper surveys, CATI, comment cards.
  • Customer feedback.
  • CRM systems data.
  • Images.

Our Open-end Coding Process

Our coding experts begin the process by first preparing a codebook list aka code frame. They read and listen to each open-ended response and apply a numeric code. We carefully monitor the quality and ensure that the codes are precisely applied. The detailed steps include:


Collecting Project Information


Data Retrieval


Code Frame Development


Open-end Coding


Quality Assurance


Project Delivery

Why Outsource Open-end Coding Market Research Services to Outsource2india?

We are a leading open-end coding service provider to offer accurate market research services globally. Here’s why you should choose us for outsourcing open-end coding services:

  • Quicker Turnarounds

    Following stringent deadlines, we have proved to manage and deliver the most challenging turnaround requirements.

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    Our competitive and transparent pricing for our coding services makes us one of the most sought-after open-end coding research companies.

  • High Data Security

    We take client data safety very strictly and comply with ISO 27001 safety and quality standards.

  • Quality of Services

    Our coders adhere to rigorous quality standards to provide the finest open-end coding services globally. The quality of each project is prudently checked at multiple points before its delivery.

  • Dedicated Team

    Our team is comprised of highly qualified and fully trained coders, analysts, linguistics, and market research specialists. With an average experience of 8 years at providing open-end coding services, we ensure that you receive only the best services.

  • 24-hour Technical Assistance

    O2I has centers at multiple locations across many countries. This allows us the time zone advantage and enables us to provide customer support 24*7*365.

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Outsource Open-end Coding Markt Research Services to Outsource2india


The services that Outsource2india provided helped us achieve substantial cost and time savings on several difficult projects.

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Being an ISO-certified open-end coding service provider, we have a rich market research industry experience of more than 25 years. Our services ensure improved business decision-making and higher returns on your investments.

We believe in the highest level of integrity and commitment with the best results at an affordable cost for clients. Our engagement processes can be modified and prioritized according to client needs.

If you are looking for a reliable, experienced, trustworthy, and best in the industry open-end coding market research service providing company, contact us now.

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