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Outsource Outsourcing ANOVA Analysis Surveys to O2I

Is your company looking for expert ANOVA Analysis Surveys? Do you want to use an ANOVA Analysis survey in a retail environment or a simulated lab environment, but do not know how to? If yes, you are at the right place. Whatever be the nature of your ANOVA analysis requirement, we can address it at Outsource2india.

What is ANOVA Analysis?

Just like in a laboratory where certain variables (like promotion, ad copy or display at the point of purchase) can be manipulated and observed to find changes in other variables (like sales, consumer preferences, behavior or attitude) ANOVA analysis can be used to find such relations.

Whenever a marketing-mix variable (independent variable) is changed, its effect can be accurately determined through ANOVA analysis. Such variables include price, promotion or type of distribution. Specific elements like the shelf space or the color of packaging can also be determined

With ANOVA analysis, an experiment can be done with just one independent variable (factor) or with multiple independent variables. ANOVA is the general name for a variety of such experiments. The design of the experiments determines how useful the results are. The key to success in an ANOVA Analysis Survey is the degree of control on the various independent variables (factors) that are being manipulated during the experiment.

A common application for an ANOVA Analysis Survey is testing. Product testing, ad copy testing and concept testing are some common applications, though ANOVA can even be used in retail environments or simulated lab-type environments that have been created for the purpose of testing.

Outsource2india's experienced researchers will help you take informed marketing decisions through ANOVA Analysis Surveys. Get in touch with us now.

How do ANOVA Analysis Surveys Work?

At Outsource2india, our experts will first list the independent variables to be controlled and the levels at which they need to occur. We will then change the variables one at a time while keeping the other variables constant and measuring the effect. These observations will then be used to test whether the different effects produced by the independent variables are statistically significant. The major conclusion drawn is whether the mean value of the dependent variable (for example, sales) changes with changes in the levels of the independent variable (for example, promotion.)

For instance, if you run a promotional offer for one week, and then stop it for another week, we can check if there are changes in the sales, while keeping other factors constant. We can also check if there are interactions, or combined effects of two or more independent variables. An example would be the combined effect of the creative strategy and the model used, in the impact of an advertisement. There are also other variables which indirectly impact the dependent variable. These are known as blocks. For example, the day of the week can be a blocking variable in a retail shopping study.

Our Approach to ANOVA Analysis Surveys

At Outsource2india, our experts follow a unique approach to ANOVA analysis surveys. We can use either simulated or experimental data while performing an ANOVA Analysis Survey. We ensure that we use categorical independent variables and numerical dependent variables, as they are integral for a successful ANOVA survey. The typical dependent variables are sales, the intention to buy, or interest in the concept.

Any design or marketing strategy variables, at different levels can be an independent variable. These are varied, and we can measure their impact. We will then find out if there is a significant effect of the independents on the dependent. If there is a significant effect, the specific means will be compared and the particular levels that are causing a significant difference in the dependent will be identified. We use SPSS software while carrying out an ANOVA analysis to ensure accurate results.

The accurate results of an ANOVA Analysis Survey can be used in designing a marketing strategy, advertising or in a retailing strategy. You can also make brand name decisions through an ANOVA based testing of all the concerned options.

Is your company looking for product testing, ad copy testing or concept testing? Contact us today and get accurate insights through our reliable ANOVA analysis surveys.

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