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Outsource Comprehensive Project Security

When it comes to information security, Outsource2india's resolve towards maintaining security is absolute and unflinching. We use a comprehensive set of protocols to ensure absolute security of deliverables, research materials, vendor information, and reporting outputs at each step of the research and analytic report generation process.

Each layer of our security policy addresses a specific set of variables that must be tightly controlled and constantly scrutinized for compliance. These layers can be broken down into three main security spheres, including Personnel, Hardware, and Software security described in detail below.

3-Way Security at Outsource2india

Personnel Security:

Extensive background check of each team member and daily tracking of their work production and the data storage mediums used

Hardware Security:

Use of hi-tech technology and network security experts to ensure that your data is secure from theft or intrusion

Software Security:

Data cannot be accessed, shared or copied without permission. All folder structures and email communications are encrypted and tracked. Access to the source information and the output is limited only to a few authorized personnel

  1. Personnel security

    Before employment, each team member undergoes a thorough background check and undergoes a series of reliability tests that ensure that he/she is capable to work in a controlled and secure environment. ID badges, individual logins, time stamps, and workstation access codes are required for each employee, and all movements and work production is tracked on a daily basis by the security compliance team. Email communications and data storage mediums are monitored on a per-use basis for consistency and proper access methodology, and the source documents delivered by the client agency are also tagged and tracked by our internal document management team.

  2. Hardware security

    Keeping your data safe from intrusion or theft by electronic means requires both state-of-the-art technology and an IT team capable of implementing that technology properly. Our highly trained network security team uses a series of Cisco® Intelligent switches and Cisco® Network Assistant utilities to manage internal network structures. We have also implemented a Cisco® PIX® firewall that features comprehensive port blocking for HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP and ICMP protocols across the entire Outsource2india internal network.

  3. Software Security

    Monitoring and managing communications security across the internal network ensures that the source information and outputs for your research and analytic project can be accessed only by those who need to see it, and our internal security procedures ensure that your data cannot leave the premises without specific permissions from the management team. Internal e-mail communications and folder structures are encrypted and tracked, and our data backup system is wiped clean between projects, preventing the accidental transmission of sensitive information on research or analytic projects between clients.

Guaranteed Data Security and Confidentiality at Outsource2india

Your security is important to us, and we have taken every possible precaution to ensure the complete and comprehensive safety of all the research and analytic project information stored on our secure servers. If you would like to know more about our security protocols before employing us for your research or analytic project, we will be happy to provide you with a more detailed breakdown of our internal safeguarding policies.

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