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Outsource FAQs on Pharmaceutical Research

What are the services you provide in Pharmaceutical Research and Analysis?

Outsource2india provides Database Creation, Protein Annotation, Signal Processing Analysis, Signal Processing Tool Development, QSAR Analysis, Text Mining and Web Mining. We also offer Data Mining Products - P-Pie, and Databases - DiaBase, Integrin DB etc.

Who are the typical users for the services you offer?

  1. R&D units in Drug Discovery organizations of the Pharma/Biotech industry
  2. Publicly funded Research Institutes & Universities
  3. Larger Bio/Cheminformatics companies

What are the areas under Bio and Cheminformatics that can be outsourced?

Content curation services in Biology and Chemistry, customized biological/chemistry databases, Bio/Cheminformatics software development, Data analysis and visualization and statistical analysis tool development.

What are the profiles of your employees?

Outsource2india employs people with both the knowledge and the experience to provide the best service to its customers. We have a dedicated and highly motivated team. Their collective R&D experience of 100+ years in specialized areas of Life Sciences ranging from Molecular & Cellular Biology, Chemistry and Statistics to Signal Processing and Speech Recognition and IT ensures quality outputs in each and every project that we undertake. Their educational qualifications include PhD (Biology, Chemistry) and MS (Biology, Chemistry, Statistics and Computer Science)

What value do we bring to the table as an execution wing/part of the client’s team in O2I?

All our customers will experience the Outsource2india advantage. Our professional approach and transparency in each process maintains the trust that is vital to outsourcing. Customers will have access to our technologies and scientists as an extended arm of their R&D unit. We provide complementary expertise to the customers. We can execute part of a project or can take a project through its entire life cycle. By outsourcing to O2I, you save valuable time and money (as much as 40% of in-house development cost) that can be utilized in other important business processes.

What is our UVP? (Unique Value Proposition)

Lowest cost per unit innovation

Could you briefly lay out the process followed to ensure the best quality and turnaround?

At the initial phases of discussion Outsource2india’s technical team directly gets engaged with the scientists of its customers to understand the challenges faced by them. We will, in most cases, suggest one or more possible strategies to work around the problem. The best possible course accepted after discussion between the sides allows an estimate on effort needed toward completion of the project. Throughout the course of the project a monitoring committee constituted by a coordinator from both ends reviews the progress and suggests any corrective measures. Quality of work is continuously monitored internally and at every milestone by the customer. Our ability to scale up the team size guarantees a rapid turnaround.

What inputs are required from the client for you to provide them a quote?

The cost of a project depends on the project overview & specification (for Turnkey projects) and also on the resources contracted and duration (for Time and Materials)

What does Data Mining involve?

Data Mining automates the process of finding relationships and patterns in raw data (text, web and numerical). It is used as an automated decision support system or assessed by a human analyst. The technologies involved are Statistical calculations, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Programming, Decision Trees, Genetic Algorithms, Nonlinear Regression Methods.

How can my database be made better suited for my use?

Biological and Chemistry databases allow for systematic information storage, analyses of large volumes of data and intelligent query system. Knowledge Management to a great extent becomes dependent on Database Management. Considering the complexities in defining relationships between different types of data, which are semi-structured, dynamic and incomplete the need is for information integration. Through a complex design principle, we help construct a specialized database that can provide a scientist the freedom to ask complex questions in science through a single user interface.

How would Data Analysis be useful to me?

Large volumes of experimental data generated by scientists in the research units of organizations need sophisticated tools for analysis and arriving at meaningful information. We help these organizations in their research efforts either by providing specialized tools for analysis or by performing the data analysis for them. We discover various resources and integrate them to form experimental functionality using new tools. The end result is an analysis of immense potential and adaptability, useful to scientists.

Why O2I?

Outsource2india provides the perfect balance of technology availability, knowledge, skill, man power and language ease that most companies looking to outsource are looking for. With economic conditions suiting growth and accessibility, India has become the ideal Research Services watering hole. Read more.

Why should I outsource?

Outsourcing your knowledge-based processes can save you valuable amounts of time and money that can then be utilized in other important processes. You receive the standards of quality and efficiency that you are looking for and also have an expert’s skill and professionalism. With growing competition among Research service providers, you are constantly in touch with the best the industry has to offer. You are also guaranteed security and confidentiality of all your private information. Outsourcing is your best option to getting the most optimized results at an affordable price and utilizing your time to the maximum.

O2I realizes that several companies are still apprehensive about sending confidential information to a company in another continent.

We have therefore dedicated an entire article to Research and Analysis Apprehensions. Feel free to read all about it and contact us for your outsourcing needs.

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