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Outsource Financial Modeling Services

Outsource Financial Modeling Services

Leverage our advanced models to quantify risks, forecast financial outcomes, and maximize shareholder value. Let's build your strategy for sustained growth together.

We understand the complexities and uncertainties that face policy makers in volatile business environments. Our advanced quantitative analyses address these challenges and enable informed decision-making. Our Decision Tree Analysis and Real Option Valuation models turn investment uncertainty into calculated strategy, offering a probabilistic assessment of diverse investment options. We also provide Monte Carlo simulations to delineate the risk-reward trade-off of strategic initiatives, presenting a range of possible outcomes and their probabilities.

Our risk modelling quantifies and mitigates potential risks, fortifying your strategies against adverse market developments. We aid in effective financial planning and budgeting through cash flow modelling and profitability analysis, thus enabling you to predict future revenues and expenses with precision. Our EVA models guide businesses on how to maximize shareholder value, directly addressing the challenge of value creation.

Our services are not just about crunching numbers; they are strategic tools that steer your enterprise towards sustained growth. Partner with us today to approach business planning with confidence.

Our End-to-End Financial Modelling Services

Our business models give our clients a clear understanding of the financial implications of numerous strategic decisions, hence allowing them the scope to make informed choices about investments, strategic initiatives, and risk management.

  • Market Research Services

    Market Research Services

    This service empowers you to better understand the dynamics of your industry, providing a competitive edge. Leveraging advanced data analytics and industry insights, we help you forecast market changes and adapt your strategies proactively.

  • Cash Flow Analysis & Management

    Cash Flow Analysis & Management

    Our analyses help identify potential liquidity risks, ensuring business continuity even in uncertain market conditions. Our cash management strategies can improve your working capital position, fostering sustainable growth and profitability.

  • Real Estate Financial Modeling

    Real Estate Financial Modeling

    Offering granular insights into property investment, we aid in asset valuation and portfolio optimization. This enhances return on investment and mitigates risks associated with real estate projects.

  • Break-Even Analysis

    Break-Even Analysis

    This analysis provides a clear view of cost structures and profit margins, guiding pricing strategies and cost management. Understanding the break-even point aids in capacity planning and operational efficiency.

  • Feasibility Analysis

    Feasibility Analysis

    Validating your business ideas or expansion plans, we provide an objective assessment of potential returns and risks. This helps guide rkpource allocation and strategic planning, ensuring a higher success rate for your ventures.

  • Capital Formation

    Capital Formation

    We assist in optimizing your capital structure, balancing debt, and equity to minimize the cost of capital. This enhances financial leverage and improves return on equity, driving shareholder value.

  • Key Performance Indicators

    Key Performance Indicators

    Identifying and tracking the right KPIs helps align financial goals with operational performance, promoting efficiency. This service also improves accountability and performance management, driving business excellence.

  • Income Statement Analysis

    Income Statement Analysis

    Our in-depth analysis provides insights into revenue and cost trends, aiding profit optimization. It also highlights financial performance issues, guiding strategy refinement and performance improvement initiatives.

  • Pro-Forma Financials

    Pro-Forma Financials

    These projected financial statements provide a forward-looking view of your financial position, thus aiding budgeting and strategic planning. They also support discussions with investors and lenders, demonstrating financial viability and growth prospects.

  • Scenario Planning

    Structural Steel Detailing

    Our offerings enhance strategic agility, enabling adaptation to various market conditions. It guides risk management, helping you prepare for potential challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Other Financial Modeling and Reporting Services We Offer

 Balance Sheet Review
 Business Valuation Analysis
 Credit Rating Modeling
 Discounted Cash Flow Modeling
 Financial Metrics Analysis
 Leveraged Buyout Modeling
 Merger and Acquisition Modeling
 Option Pricing Modeling

Our Business Modelling Services Process Flow

Our streamlined process flow allows for efficient and timely delivery of financial models, reducing operational bottlenecks for our clients. It also ensures consistent quality and accuracy in our outputs.


01. Understand Your Needs

We begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your operational framework, financial challenges, and business requirements for financial modeling.


02. Design Your Model

Our models incorporate the quantitative and qualitative data pertinent to your sector and operational specifics to ensure better alignment with your needs.


03. Validate Your Model

Your financial model undergoes a series of validation tests, including scenario analysis and stress testing, to evaluate its reliability and predictive accuracy.


04. Review with You

We present the model for your assessment, detailing its components and functionality. Based on your feedback, we'll modify it to ensure it meets your specified objectives.


05. Implement Your Model

We facilitate the integration of the financial model into your decision-making processes, providing technical support and training where necessary.


06. Ongoing Support

We continue to offer you technical support, conducting periodic reviews of the model's performance. We make the adjustments required to accommodate market shifts.

Key Differentiators of Our Financial Modelling Consulting Services

Our rigorous validation process ensures the integrity and reliability of our financial models. We prioritize transparency and simplicity in our projections, ensuring they are easy to understand and use.

  • Cost Efficiency

    By optimizing resource allocation and minimizing wastage, we assist businesses in reducing their operating costs, leading to improved profitability.

  • Revenue Growth

    We help businesses identify and capitalize on opportunities to increase revenue, driving top-line growth and overall financial performance.

  • Customer Retention Rate

    We assist businesses in understanding the financial implications of customer retention, and help devise strategies to improve it, enhancing long-term profitability and customer loyalty.

  • Market Share

    We aid businesses in analyzing their market share and the financial implications of market dynamics, informing competitive strategy and market positioning.

  • Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR)

    For financial institutions, we calculate and analyze CAR to ensure they have sufficient capital to absorb a reasonable amount of loss, ensuring financial stability and regulatory compliance.

  • Working Capital Management

    We guide businesses on optimizing their working capital management, improving cash flow, and liquidity, which is essential for smooth business operations.

  • Asset Turnover Ratio

    We analyze how effectively a business is using its assets to generate revenue, providing insights for operational efficiency improvement and better asset utilization.

  • Earnings Per Share (EPS)

    We assist businesses in understanding and improving their EPS, a key metric for investors, driving investor confidence and enhancing shareholder value.

Industries That Benefit from Our Services

We acknowledge that each sector has unique financial dynamics and challenges. our financial models to reflect industry-specific factors and trends, providing you with accurate, actionable insights to maximize your ROI.

  • Banking & Finance

    Banking & Finance

    Our expertise helps this industry navigate regulatory changes, mitigate risks, and optimize investment strategies.

  • Healthcare


    We enable healthcare providers to manage regulatory unpredictability, adapt to disruptive technologies, and optimize costs.

  • Hospitality

    Our insights enhance revenue management, optimize operational costs, and predict market trends in the hospitality sector.

  • Manufacturing


    We help manufacturers streamline supply chains, manage operational costs, and optimize production.

  • Restaurant/Retail Accounting

    Restaurant/Retail Accounting

    We aid in enhancing inventory management, optimizing pricing strategies, and predicting sales trends in the restaurant and retail sector.

  • Technology

    Our financial models evaluate the impact of innovation, manage investment risks, and optimize growth strategies in the technology sector.

  • Real Estate

    We assist real estate companies in analyzing property valuations, predicting market trends, and managing investment risks.

  • Insurance


    Our expertise enables insurance companies to navigate regulatory changes, predict claim patterns, and manage their investment portfolio.

  • Education


    We help educational institutions optimize budget allocation, manage operational costs, and analyze funding trends.

  • Legal Services

    We assist legal firms in managing client billing, optimize operational costs, and predict revenue trends.

  • Manufacturers and Distributors

    Manufacturers and Distributors

    We aid manufacturers and distributors in streamlining supply chains, optimizing pricing strategies, and managing operational costs.

  • Grocery/Food Distributors

    Grocery/Food Distributors

    Our expertise enhances inventory management, optimizes supply chains, and predicts sales trends in the grocery and food distribution sector.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Business Valuation Services

Equip stakeholders with essential insights for mergers, acquisitions, and investment strategies through meticulously executed valuation techniques.

Financial Advisory Services

Facilitate better business performance with robust financial frameworks that addresses capital efficiency and mitigates financial risks through strategic advisory.

Investment Research Services

Enhance portfolio performance with targeted research. Identify potential investment opportunities and leverage strategic asset allocation to optimize ROI.

Corporate Finance Support

Strengthen financial foundations with expert guidance on capital allocation. Optimize debt and equity structures and enhance financial agility to navigate market volatilities.

Outsource Financial Modeling Services to O2I

We primarily cater to market research companies and consulting firms, offering them deep financial insights. We've assisted our clients in providing accurate market size projections and investment return estimates, thereby enhancing the value of their reports. By opting for our services, our clients can focus on core competencies and make data-driven decisions. That apart, we've also helped tackle client pain points like inefficient resource allocation and regulatory compliance issues by utilizing our industry-specific expertise.

We've developed predictive models for healthcare clients, enabling them to anticipate and address potential regulatory changes. Whereas, for our manufacturing clients facing market fluctuations, we've built scenario analysis models to provide a clear strategic direction. Our customized financial models for investment banking clients accurately value companies and investment proposals. Our approach is far from one-size-fits-all; it's about delving into the specifics of each client's industry and needs and creating financial models that empower them.

Partner with our financial modeling consultants today to swiftly scale up resources, backed by cloud-based technology and a skilled team of industry experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of hiring external structural engineering services?

In strategic planning, models like DCF, LBO, M&A, as well as budget models and financial forecasting models, are utilized. These tools help in evaluating financial viability, planning acquisitions, and forecasting future financial health.

How Do Financial Modeling Services Benefit a Company's Strategy?

By providing a clear financial roadmap, these services help companies optimize their strategic initiatives, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently to drive growth and profitability.

What Data is Needed to Start Financial Modeling?

Accurate financial modeling requires comprehensive historical financial data, detailed operational metrics, and clearly defined strategic goals. This foundational data enables analysts to project future financial scenarios with greater precision.

How is Client Data Protected in Financial Modeling Services?

Through stringent data protection measures and adherence to confidentiality agreements, these services ensure that all client data remains secure, maintaining the trust essential for a successful partnership.

What is the Expected Timeline for Developing a Financial Model?

The development timeline can vary but is carefully planned to balance thoroughness with the need for timely decision-making, ensuring models are delivered when clients need them most.

How Does the Cost of Financial Modeling Align with Its Value?

The investment in financial modeling is directly proportional to the strategic insights it delivers, aiding in risk management and decision-making, which can save or generate significantly more value than the cost incurred.