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Outsource Case Study on Information Extraction Services

Information Extraction Services Case Study

Outsource2india developed a unique value-added data extraction/abstraction services solution for a leading US based organization.

The Client

Our client is a leading US based player in the global chemical industry space. They wished to have an extraction services partner that could understand the scope of the chemical industry, domain and segments. The client wished to spend less time on guiding and monitoring the extraction partner on the scope and scale of the project.

Information management is a critical component of business operations. However, our client realized that achieving this in-house means concentrating their knowledge workers on processes that can be done equally effectively by a qualified third-party solution provider. This is why the client decided to outsource.

The Challenges faced by Outsource2india

Outsource2india was approached by the company with a huge assignment of extracting required information from legacy data like chemicals, petrochemicals, polymers, life science, biotech pharmaceuticals etc. This included data extraction and as much product and property information as possible from technical abstracts.

The challenge lay in the fact that a high degree of details were ambiguous and hidden within the technical abstracts, and the extraction of this data called for a high level of technical interpretation.

The Solution

O2I quickly designated the assignment to an implementation panel consisting of domain experts, qualified domain specific engineers and technical editors. This was very important keeping in mind that international quality standards had to be maintained throughout the process.

Within six weeks, Outsource2india began implementation after setting up the required workforce and relevant technological apparatus. Our expert extraction personnel along with our automated software helped completed 145,000 abstracts within a time span of 75 days - one week ahead of the schedule!

Since the client had accumulated over 7-8 decades of data, which meant different formats, styles and presentations, O2I was able to augment the client’s design and presentation specifications to deliver a value added end-product.

The Results

So far, O2I has crossed over one million abstracts in 18 months. A highly satisfied client has decided to extend his requirements to other value added areas like patents and news abstracts, and indexing. Currently we have started working in English as well as German and are exploring other languages as well.

O2I’s rapid scale up capabilities on the manpower and delivery front coupled with our technology focus especially on proprietary software for workflow and extraction provided numerous benefits for the client. Not only did they have a qualified player working on their extraction activities, which saved time, money and effort but they also gained a lot by flexibility and transparency in our operations.

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