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Outsource Business Development Support Services

Business Development Support Services

Staying ahead in business while keeping growth and revenues steady is an ongoing battle. Organizations need to continuously look for better business avenues, refocus their energies and keep innovating to ensure fast-paced business development. Outsource2india helps you face the unique operations, sales, and profit related challenges with a comprehensive suite of business development support services. At Outsource2india, our team is adept at articulating enterprise value proposition to provide the required support services our clients need. With around two decades of experience in business development support services, we have developed best practices and expertise to not just create but execute and retain crucial business development programs.

Outsource2india helps you save up to 70% of labor and infrastructure costs allowing you to focus on newer business opportunities, bringing the focus back on existing operations as well as carry out much-required innovations to meet the fast-paced market demands. Our services are utilized by a growing list of global clients hailing from different industry verticals including business process consulting, telecommunications, software, financial services, equity, IT, etc.

O2I's Business Development Support Services - Enabling Faster Business Growth

At Outsource2india, our team provides well-researched sales support collaterals, sales lists, lead sheets tracking industry-specific changes, proposal documents, business newsletters, customer analytics, and more. Our business development support services allow you to maximize your time and resource effectiveness while we focus on the important, but mundane routine tasks. By leveraging our analytics expertise, sales support channels, industry know-how, and an expansive global delivery model, we can help you make insightful business decisions.

Our business support services for business development include:

  • Customer Analytics Report - Our customer analytics services ensure that you gain an extensive insight into customer behavior and leverage it to improve the efficiency of your organizations' marketing, sales, and customer relationship departments. Some of the common techniques our team of statisticians and consultants use for providing relevant and timely customer analytics include -

    • Predictive analytics
    • Information management
    • Data visualization
    • Market segmentation

    Customer analytics services from Outsource2india provide the following value-added benefits:

    • Research, target, and collect customer data across all channels, including social, digital, etc.
    • Gain better understanding of customer requirements
    • Avoid customer churn
    • Recognize emerging trends and customer sentiments
    • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Generating Sales Lead Sheets - Our backend sales lead generation experts are highly experienced in consultative sales and have worked with various Fortune 500 companies as an integral part of their sales teams. Our outstanding backend sales support extend beyond just generating lead sheets, and help you with -

    • Accurate, fast, and quality document preparation for briefing reports, proposal documents, etc.
    • Preparing transparent lead sheet reports for corresponding sales team/sales manager to review
    • Preparing cohesive follow-up mails and sales documents for faster customer conversion
    • Comprehensive and accurate analysis of sales data, generated leads, trends, etc.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Support - At Outsource2india, our sales business support development teams understand the importance of an RFP in terms of sourcing experience, vendor selection, and contract negotiation. Here are some of the benefits you stand to gain by outsourcing Request for Proposals support to us -

    • Receiving only quality responses from interested service providers
    • Precise project management milestones and realistic dates to prevent miscommunication and delay
    • Short turnaround time for drafting a fully functional and accurate RFP
  • Market Research Reports on Industry and Peers - With the help of Outsource2india's team of leading market researchers, enterprises, and small businesses can have access to affordable and perceptive market research reports. Our market research reports include comprehensive research data from focus groups, social media, surveys, interviews, and even field trials, the information for which is either provided by the client or if necessary, conducted by our market research team. These reports are especially useful in answering questions such as -

    • Is there indeed a market for your product/service?
    • What sort of value proposition does your product/service bring to the market?
    • How much are customers willing to pay for your product/services?
    • What sort of competition do you face and who are your competitors?
  • Business Newsletters - At O2I, we have extensive experience in creating business newsletters which include various details such as company's annual performance, ROI, information about business mergers and acquisitions etc., in an electronic format. At the same time, we also ensure that the business newsletters look highly professional, up-to-date, and offer a positive insight into your company's business dealings. Added advantages of our E-newsletters for businesses include -

    • Essential information for stakeholders such as financial performance, profit margins etc., with future projections
    • Customer and client opinion statistics for continuous business improvement
    • Internal staff ratings (if required)
    • Yearly audit details

Why Choose Outsource2india as Your Business Development Support Service Partner?

We work with clients across the globe, providing practical, cost-effective business development support to help implement their business strategies to achieve business goals. At Outsource2india, our considerable experience in providing accurate and actionable business development support allows you to fine tune your sales strategy and enhance the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. The benefits of choosing us as a support service partner include,

  • Access to highly skilled sales support executives and market researchers to ensure complete, well-analyzed reports, extensive sales support, and insightful market research reports and newsletters
  • Increased in-house efficiency, as your sales and marketing teams get more time to focus on customers and core work areas
  • A significant increase in customer satisfaction levels
  • Fast turnaround time and 24/7 support for your sales teams
  • Significantly lower overhead costs for sales personnel amongst others
  • Extremely scalable services based on your organizations' size and requirements

Choose O2I as Your Partner for Business Development Support Services

Our USP lies in setting high standards for our work processes and leveraging our industry exposure to provide tangible benefits to our clients. Our business research services are geared towards executing your sales and marketing strategies while reducing operational costs, in a short turnaround time.

If you have decided on outsourcing business development support services to India, look no further. Contact us today to learn more about our Business Development Support Services and avail the exceptional benefits we offer.

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