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Outsourcing Research Services to India

India is no longer known only for BPO services. Global industries have realized that apart from technical support and software development, India is also a great place to outsource research & analysis services. Presence of specialized resources with multi-domain expertise, combined with exceptional processes have made India an ideal outsourcing destination for high-end processes like financial research analysis, market research analysis, and business research analysis.

Today, India has taken over other outsourcing destinations like China, Russia and the Czech Republic, as it provides highest cost savings, excellent operational efficiency, access to skilled professionals, and quality services at a faster TAT.

Get The India Advantage!

Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing Research & Analysis to Indian companies, in particular, Outsource2india:

large pool of post-graduates Large pool of post-graduates, PhDs & MBAs with excellent research skills
outsourcing to India cost-effective Low cost of labor, which makes outsourcing to India cost-effective
SAS, SPSS, & MS Excel Research analysts who are skilled in SAS, SPSS, & MS Excel
favorable government policies Favorable government policies that makes outsourcing seamless
telecom, utility  and research infrastructure World-class telecom, utility and research infrastructure
time-zone difference 12 hour time-zone difference

Why Outsource Research & Analysis Services to India?

  1. Large Resource Pool

    India is the only country that annually produces over 75,000 English and computer literate graduates. This is a huge plus point for India, as other countries like China and Russia have educated professionals, but not fluent in conversational and written English. When you outsource research & analysis to India, you can easily communicate your requirements and get access to accurate market research reports or financial research reports, from a team of post-graduates, PhDs, and MBAs who have excellent research capabilities.

  2. Low Labor Costs

    The typical salary in India ranges from $5,000 to $12,000 a year for technical professionals and $3,500 to $7,500 for BPO professionals. This is much lower when compared to the cost of labor in other countries like Canada ($25,000 to $50,000) or Ireland ($25,000 to $35,000). Though the cost of labor is low, you can be assured of superior quality services as India is a home to skilled resources that are well-versed in leveraging advanced technology and cutting-edge infrastructure.

  3. Expertise in Research & Analysis

    India can give you access to experienced research analysts who have advanced technical, analytical, and interpretation skills. Research & analysis professionals in India are skilled at using KPO software like SAS, SPSS and MS Excel. Whether you require accurate pharmaceutical research reports, financial research reports, market research reports, or any other types of research reports, you can rely on research & analysis service from Outsource2india's KPO experts.

  4. Favorable Government Policies

    India has a stable government, which welcomes foreign trade. Outsourcing has become a regular business model in India, and the Indian Government has ensured that everything related to outsourcing runs seamlessly. There are no export taxes for outsourcing and the Indian Government favors IT foreign ownership. There is also a national IT minister who specifically takes cares of IT and outsourcing related issues.

  5. Cutting-edge Infrastructure and Technology

    In India, you can find IT parks which are equipped with excellent redundant telecom and utility infrastructure which offers great reliability when it comes to your research & analysis projects. The IT centers in India also use the very latest in technology, thereby assuring customers of on-time and zero-error research services.

  6. Time-zone Difference Advantage

    With India's unique 12 hour time-zone difference, you can get access to your completed research & analysis projects at lightning speed, as soon as you start your day! You can send in your project at the end of your working day and receive the completed market research reports or financial research reports as soon as the very next day. This makes it easy for companies to take informed business decisions in the nick of time.

Research & Analysis Services Outsourcing Process at O2I

o2i contact us form

Client fills in O2I's 'Contact Us' form, and gets a call from our sales team

extensive requirement analysis

At O2I, an extensive requirement analysis of the client's needs is conducted

pilot project is executed

A pilot project is executed (if required)

pricing details and SLAs

Pricing details are confirmed and SLAs are signed

client's research requirements

Our analysts are trained to meet client's research requirements

research services project commences

Work on the research services project commences

regular  project  status reports

Client is provided with regular project status reports

Outsource Research & Analysis Services to Outsource2india

Backed with a large team of researchers, analysts, and statisticians, Outsource2india is a leading provider of financial research analysis, market research analysis and business research analysis. With our insightful dashboards, accurate reports and other services, you can always stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Get in touch with our research experts; we will be glad to assist you.

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