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Outsource Case Study on Outsourcing Research Papers

Outsourcing Research Papers Case Study

Outsource2india’s Research and Analysis team provided outsourced academic research services to a professor from a well-known American business school and completed 10 projects within a period of 3 months.

The Client

Professor Joan* from a well known American business school was feeling the pressure of managing the demands of her profession. This included teaching assignments substantiated by presentations and case studies, besides doing research and publication work. She was required to complete all her research assignments by the next day despite her normal teaching routine.

Professor Joan read a news headline: “India gradually transforming into a hub of Research Services activities”. This triggered an innovative thought - why not outsource her academic assignments to an Indian Research and Analysis company? She decided to give the idea a try and contacted Outsource2india with her outsourcing requirements.

The Challenge

American universities are well-known the world over for their practically-oriented management education. In order to achieve the academic objective of imparting quality education, the teaching and learning process in the classroom is extensively facilitated by the use of technology-oriented delivery mechanisms, updated course materials, simulated case-studies, book summaries and research papers. The case studies are based on real-life business situations which help students to apply the theoretical concepts in practical business scenarios.

Professor Joan was embarking on an outsourcing venture despite her initial doubts about the quality of output that she could expect from an Indian company. It was up to Outsource2india to prove her assumptions wrong and deliver high-quality results that matched the academic standards of American universities.

The Project

The initial requirement was the writing of a summary of a chapter of a management book. O2I’s team consists of MBAs and Ph.Ds with specializations in various disciplines. O2I’s satisfactory performance resulted in positive feedback from the client and additional assignments from Professor Joan. Outsource2india completed these assignments and when the next academic term commenced, along came four additional guided exercises and a case study on Land Lease, to be completed within a short turnaround time.

Here is the feedback O2I received on the job done. “Thank you for the rapid job on the Management chapter notes. These were very well received. The students appreciated the summary of the Land-Lease case study. I will send you more chapters next week.”

The Result

Outsource2india was assigned a research paper on Southwest Airlines. This was appreciated by the MBA students in the classroom. Professor Joan’s feedback was: “This is a good paper and can be used as a model for MBA students”. Commenting on the Path goal paper Joe wrote “This paper is excellent and useful for the postgraduate level. Charts and diagrams are used correctly. MBA students can use this as a model paper.”

O2I’s quality of work and adherence to deadlines strengthened its relationship with Professor Joan. She continued outsourcing different types of business writing assignments including case development, book summaries and research papers for her classroom teaching and was extremely pleased with the quality and timely delivery of the tasks.

Professor Joan successfully outsourced 10 projects within a period of 3 months and has developed a high regard for Indian talent. Outsource2india expects that in future, many more professors will opt to channel their work to O2I’s capable research pool.

* Name changed to protect identity

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