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Outsource A Web Research Report on the E-banking Industry

This web research report discusses the advantages of E-Banking - “Anytime and anywhere banking” in comparison to the traditional banking system. The report begins with a brief introduction of the E-Banking industry and goes on to describe how the internet has evolved as a priority channel in this fiercely competitive industry. It discusses how technology has given birth to innovative service offerings such as ATM’s and internet banking and how it has becoming imperative for banks to align their strategies in response to changing customers’ needs and developments in technology.

This web research report goes on to discuss the basic objective of e-banking which is to attain the ability to pursue value creation opportunities. It reveals that if access conditions are in place, then capacity considerations come into play. If both access and capacity are in place, then value creation opportunities can be pursued. In other words, there can be no viable opportunity creation in the absence of access and capacity conditions. This report further provides a diagrammatic representation of where the application of e-enabled services exists depending upon the Access and Capacity.

The Pathways to E-Banking and the E-Readiness study among countries discusses that if access and capacity, shape the penetration of the overall opportunity across countries, then enabler (i.e. supportive) factors in individual countries shape the penetration of particular applications. The E-Readiness ranking, a weighted collection of nearly 100 quantitative and qualitative criteria, organized into six distinct categories measuring the various components of a country’s social, political, and economic development and of course technological development also throws useful insight to understand the environment within the industry.

The report on web research on the e-banking industry provides a clear view on the benefits to Corporate and Private Customers through E-Banking. It graphically represents the E-Banking Winners and Losers in the near future and the service strategies each company in this segment needs to adopt to stay ahead in this race. It goes on to discuss some of the trends in this industry and the regulatory environment that would define the future of the E-Banking initiative.

The report also provides useful insights for its readers on the security concerns of its customers through the twelve layers of e-banking security and the technology focus areas in the E-Banking industry. It also throws light on the competition and the latest trends in the industry. The web research report also contains two case studies that may prove to be very useful to readers.

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