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Revolutionary Growth of Research Services Industry in the Next Decade

Revolutionary Growth of Research Services Industry in the Next Decade

In the last five years, there has been a steady increase in the market research industry. But with all the latest innovations there could be a speedy increase in the potential revenue in the research industry in the coming days. Industries offering market research services assist their clients in gathering and interpreting important information about organizations with all insights like the size of the market, market requirements, customer behavior used for shaping strategies as well as market activities. To reach final findings and assume insights, researchers utilize a range of both qualitative techniques as well as quantitative techniques.

The important drivers of research services outsourcing industry demand are -

  • Speed - The researchers require rapid results that help in the proof-based making of decisions.

  • Cost - When decisions are taken based on research it helps in reducing unnecessary costs.

  • Quality - It is very important when the present offering is not satisfactory.

Growth of Research Services in the Next Decade - 8 Predictions

The present statistics show that several trends are sparkling under the surface for the last few years. They are now ready to take the central point. When companies get a handle on all important trends for market research and development analysis, it helps them to position themselves well and assist the brand with all sensible customer insights. Moreover, companies also remain competitive, build a strong consumer relationship that sustains for several years to come. In the coming years, companies should expect to see more claims on AI, automation as well as standardization.

Have a look at some of the important predictions as well as trends of research services from some of the industry experts -
  • Chatbots


    Companies should pay attention to chatbot based tools for research. In the coming decade, they are all set for a heavier adoption. They have a big potential in the online research services industry. They are rapid, inconspicuous with a well-acquainted interface, and runs well inside different apps. They can play a very important role in creating conversational feedback and targeting audiences.

  • Conversational Insights

    Conversational Insights

    In the coming decade, companies can expect a conversational trend expansion in insights. It will be important for the marketing teams to get insights on attitudes, behaviors as well as motivation. Industries should adopt conversational methods like chats, video solutions that usually run inside messaging applications. It helps in enhanced engagement with customers for insights. There is a huge potential for conversational insights to enhance the company's reach, engagement, and offer the best value to the customers.

  • Experiential Insights

    Experiential Insights

    Statistics show companies are adapting immersive approaches that attract customer attitudes as well as behavior. These approaches also help in understanding the varied aspects of the consumer journey. The solutions involving conversational insights helps in attracting people behaviors as well as opinions in a single moment and also in contextualizing data with emotive videos, emoji's as well as images. It needs less time along with less effort as message-based inputs are used meanwhile offering a rapid way for brands to obtain deep and authentic insights. In the coming decade, it is expected that agile enterprises will tap into conversation dependent experiential insights to obtain on time and useful feedback.

  • Social Listening

    Social Listening

    Ethnography is a staple of the research services industry. But we live in an era where people are living their social lives more online. So, it is expected that ethnography should go digital. While it is required for marketers to remain in compliance with the data laws, they might get surprised by the quantity of data that can be collected without disturbing the participants. There are so many software platforms utilizing the behavior data collected online as well as cookie tracking to make 360 customer profiles for relevant market insights without the need for time and effort required for manual data collection. But in the coming years, it is also required to emphasize ways to apply this data for valuable insights in addition to increasing its collection.

  • Big Data Taking a Backseat

    Big Data Taking a Backseat

    Yes, in the coming data big data will take a back seat when compared to data contextualization as the real insights. The flow of data because of digitization has dazed the decision making and it implies that businesses need some other good structures for utilizing data in good use. The market researchers can suggest augmenting qualitative research with insights.

  • Divert Surveys 2.0

    Divert Surveys

    These quick surveys are carried since long everywhere starting from malls to restaurants. But in the coming decade, we can see them migrating to social media platforms. Polling tools for social media along with real-time SMS data collection will grow. Such surveys are small and are quite satisfying for filling out but keeps the capacity to yield relevant consumer insights which can easily inform and improve the branding strategy.

  • AI-based Data Collection

    AI-based Data Collection

    A part of the effort to enhance the data contextualization is making data collection smarter. This also helps in simplifying the whole process of creating data.AI and Chatbots are a big part of the business for several people that are already easing the load on the frontline staff. But with AI becoming more affordable, sophisticated as well as easy to implement, it is expected that in the coming decade it will play an important role in the collection of research data. People have minimal time to spend and customers also have less time to fill lengthy surveys and offer quality responses. But with short surveys, AI-based collection of data researchers can save a lot of time which they can utilize on analysis as well as in drawing meaningful conclusions. These AI-based tools as well as bots can easily gather feedback in real-time and analyze long-form responses. They sort them into buckets which helps in the quick and efficient analysis.

  • Enhanced Use of Business Partners

    Enhanced Use of Business Partners

    With increasing data collection methods and enhanced pressure on data analysis, there are increasing steps that market researchers can take advantage of from planned partnerships. One of the major problems for analyzing data is the collection method. The data collected from focus groups, interviews, and capture methodologies are in form of audio files. While dealing with big volumes of audio, it's difficult to analyze data for getting relevant insights. Transcription services are one of the best examples of useful partnerships that helps market researchers in enhancing internal effectiveness and enhance the quality of the result.

    The revolutionary growth of the research services industry will also increase the service providers for making the whole work easy. In the coming decade all these trends are going to take an upward trend, so make sure you take steps to collect the valuable insights that will offer you a prominent edge.

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