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Outsource Fixed Income Research Services

Fixed Income Research Services

While looking for the best possible return on investment for fixed income research, Outsource2india tops the list with satisfied clients vouching for us. We are one the of the most preferred fixed income research service providers. Our select team comes with over 25 years of expertise in financial research services. Whether you are looking for insights on complex financial or technical environment or want expert opinion on high-risk business decisions, we make sure to have your back. Outsource2india helps you meet changing global economic scenarios and unsteady policies in the worldwide bond markets.

Fixed Income Research Services We Offer

Outsource2india provides highly efficient financial research services that are planned to meet numerous global compliance needs while analysing credit risks, study corporate bonds and securities. Our unparalleled industry best research services cater to all sectors of the economy and meet complex financial analytic requirements. By outsourcing fixed income research services you can be assured of high-end fixed income and credit research services which involve crucial study of the changing market conditions, low interest rates and latest technologies and tools to bring you the best investment advice. Our fixed income research services include -

  1. In-depth Analysis

    Outsource2india is a professional fixed income research company and hires best talent in the financial analytics industry to analyse fixed income investment services in the form of spreads, yield curves, convertibles, etc. We keep an eye on the changing markets as well as the emerging ones to help you invest with higher possibility of return. Our financial research and analytics services include -

    • Macroeconomics Analysis - We help you to analyze global interest rates, FX markets, economic indicators, financial regulations, and thematic research to aid better decision making
    • Credit Ratings Analysis - Our team analyzes the creditworthiness of an investment opportunity by examining the capability of an issuer and its financial obligations to pay in a timely and accurate manner
    • Municipal Bond Issuers Analysis - At outsource2india, we specialize in analyzing municipal bond issuers like cities, hospitals, public utilities, etc.
  2. Research & Reporting

    We prepare detailed and tailor-made fixed income research reports to address investment goals and also address specialized needs. At Outsource2india, our dedicated and efficient team of expert financial analysts help produce the following reports -

    • Products - We provide cutting-edge product research services that include inflation-hedged products, alpha strategies, securitized products, and other leveraged finance instruments
    • Legal and Regulatory Requirements - Outsource2india evaluates legal and regulatory requirements to assess different fixed income investment opportunities as well as returns in the emerging markets
    • Convertible Bonds - We combine the accurate value of the straight bonds and the option value by employing credit spreads along with advanced forecast models to trigger financial drivers
  3. Other Support Services

    Support being a high priority service, we at Outsource2india work hard to keep you updated and ready for all eventualities. Our support services include -

    Asset Allocation

    Outsource2india helps you plan and allocate your assets with the best possible return by helping you with the latest technical and financial trends

    Financial Modeling

    Our experts help you prepare financial models that include stress testing, capital structure analysis, duration matching, budget planning, cash flow modeling, corporate debt analysis, and rating forecasts

    Accounting Support

    Outsource2india helps your accounting team to plan all investment and accounting activities, armed with latest and correct information

Benefits of Hiring O2I

Outsource2india has built years of reputation as being the preferred investment research partner with its huge umbrella of research services. Here is why you should hire us -

Choose Outsource2india for Fixed Income Research Services

We are an industry leader in financial research and analysis, trusted by our clients and partners globally. Outsource2india has helped numerous clients achieve the best out of their investment decisions by deploying our advanced techniques of data analysis. We believe in backing strong business decisions with precision and care. Other services we offer include investment banking support, investment research, corporate finance support, etc.

So, if you are looking for fixed income research services in India, then you are at the right place. Just get it touch with us to know how we can help you.

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Fixed Income Research Services FAQs

  • What is fixed income research?

    Fixed income research is done to determine the value of a debt security by considering factors like risk profile, interest rate risk, and risk of the issuer failing to repay the debt.

  • Why is equity not fixed income?

    Equity income is not fixed income because it is income obtained by the trading of shares and securities which have high fluctuation in prices. Therefore, they don't give a fixed return.