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Cross Tabulation Analysis Services

Outsource Cross Tabulation Analysis Services

Get access to clean and reliable data that is easy to interpret to improve your decision-making process. Prices start at $14/hour

Cross tabulation analysis is a quantitative method of research used for understanding the relationship between two or more variables. It may also include the comparison of the results of one group of variables with the results of a different group of variables. Unlike most survey reports that tend to present results on the entire group, cross tabulation analysis showcases the results or establishes a relationship between the entire group along with the sub-groups. In other words, it helps to understand the relationships within the data.

Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in providing cross tabulation analysis services. Our clients bank on our services to get clean and drilled down data that is easy to interpret and can be used to improve decision-making across an enterprise. We have a team of experts with wide experience in cross tabulation analysis.

Our Cross Tabulation Analysis Services

As a well-known cross tabulation analysis services providing company, we specialize in the following cross-tabulation analysis services -

  • Cross-Tab Analysis for Single Variable

    Cross-Tab Analysis for Single Variable

    In this type of cross tabulation data analysis, we consider frequency tables by names. It primarily shows the arrangement or number of variables that are being studied. In this type of study, we commonly arrange univariate tables into groups comprising a range of designations and values. This is followed by putting the ranks in order.

  • Cross Tab Analysis for Multiple Variables

    Cross Tab Analysis for Multiple Variables

    This comes into the picture when there are one or more variables in a frequency table. Commonly known as a joint contingency or bivariate table this type of analysis shows data in a two-way arrangement. An example would be how citizens from different countries on different continents select soft drinks.

  • Cross-Tab Analysis for Frequency Distributions

    Cross-Tab Analysis for Frequency Distributions

    In this type of analysis, data from frequency distributions are represented visually. The comparison is carried by considering the following features of the data - center, spread, shape, and irregularities. Center is the point where half of the data fall, spread points to data variability, shape points to the symmetry, and the irregularities take into account the gaps or anomalies in the data pattern.

Importance of Cross Tabulation Analysis for Businesses

Cross tabulations help businesses obtain deeper research results, thus helping them compare data with data and come to robust conclusions. Without cross tabulations, raw data can be hard to interpret. Most of the times businesses end up deriving the wrong results even if the data sets happen to be small. Cross tabulation helps to group variables in a simple way, which eliminates the chances for errors or confusion by providing conclusive results.

Cross tabulation analysis helps clear all confusion while interpreting data because it co-relates the right data with the right subgroup. Cross tabulation analysis helps to make survey analysis more specific by not just analyzing the results of the survey but also zeroing on how groups responded to some questions.

Cross tabulation analysis helps businesses understand the subtle and complex relationships between different data sets which usually get overlooked and hence remain uninterrupted. It assists in standardizing information across an organization in a way that is easy to understand thus making it possible for everyone to comprehend data from the correct perspective.

Common Uses of Cross Tabulation Analysis

As a reputed cross tabulation analysis service provider, we provide services for different requirements. Some of these include -

  1. HR Managers & Directors

    The HR department has to carry out regular surveys to understand the feelings of employees. These surveys provide critical insights, especially when the generated data is analyzed for cross-tabulation. One such critical insight is understanding how employees across departments feel about their salary structure and managerial customs. Once the problem areas are identified, issues can be sorted by taking corrective actions. We assist HR departments to correctly interpret relationships between data while surveying employees for employee engagement, satisfaction, and exit interview and identifying problems commonly overlooked.

  2. Market/Product Researchers

    Cross tabulation helps product and market researchers to get meaningful insights from available data sets. By mapping data against groups of data, they can identify and correctly interpret the feelings, behavior, and views of specific subgroups of buyers across a region. As a result, they can get answers to intricate questions such as the variation between 'men' and 'women' planning to use a product or service. We assist market researchers in cross-tabulating product feedback surveys with a range of metadata to understand relationships between the metadata and procure some actionable insights.

  3. Market and Sales Researchers

    A customer satisfaction survey assists in gathering feedback about services rendered or products developed by an organization. Correct insights into customer satisfaction can help managers evaluate the different levels of satisfaction between new and old customers. Besides, it helps in understanding whether these customers would recommend them to their family or friends. Cross tabulations help in arriving at the right conclusion. We assist managers to analyze the results of customer satisfaction surveys so that they can understand the intricate relationships between data to arrive at the correct decisions for improvements.

  4. Teachers and Academic Coordinators

    School administrators find it a big challenge to understand the strength and weaknesses of students across subjects and classes. Knowing this would help them to focus on the weakness of students and help improve a student's overall performance. Cross tabulation helps in understanding the weakness by mapping data across groups and sub-groups of students. We assist academic coordinators to evaluate surveys conducted with students and cross-tabulate results with class subjects to identify weak areas and improve the overall learning experience of students. Consequently, it becomes easier for coordinators to lift the overall performance of a class.

Our Cross-Tabulation Analysis Process

As a premier cross tabulation data analysis company, we have an established process for data analysis. The steps included in our process are -


01. Creating Tables

Tabulation is the first step towards analyzing or interpreting data. In this step, we create complex or simple tables for cross-analysis. The type of table to be created depends upon the number of item sets. Once created, we number the table and provide appropriate titles to the columns and rows


02. Key in Data

After creating the table, we key in data into the table. Before keying in we parse the data based on size and importance. After the data is keyed in, we cross-check it for accuracy. To eliminate confusion, particularly when the data is confusing, we provide footnotes that consist of explanatory notes or other additional information


03. Cross Tabulation

In this stage, our experts have a closer look at the table to draw inferences. They map each data point with the other and thereafter subgroup data sets to identify and establish relationships. In case of multiple conclusions, they redraw the mapping to close in on the closest and most correct interpretation.


04. Quality Analysis

Once the relationships with the data sets are established, our quality analysts take a second look at the results. All inconsistencies are flagged for review. It's only when the results of the cross-tabulation analysis get a clearance from the QA team that the customer is updated with the results

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Cross Tabulation Analysis Services to Outsource2india

Cross tabulation helps an organization improve its research capabilities by leaps and bounds. As a result, organizations can get strategic insights from data and use them for positive results. By outsourcing cross tabulation to an established cross tabulation analysis services company like us, enterprises stand to gain in the following ways -

  • Team of Experts

    We have a team of highly competent experts to drive the specific needs of cross-tabulating data. These experts have wide experience in cross tabulating data for different requirements and hence understand and can handle the requirements in simple and easy to understand methods of grouping variables.

  • Robust Process to Reduces Errors

    It because of our wide experience that we can manage large data sets with remarkable ease particularly when the task can be daunting and unmanageable for offshore companies. We have a well-developed process to break down data into a smaller scale for easy mapping, thereby reducing errors effectively.

  • Easy Interpretations

    We are experts in presenting information in an easy-to-digest format. As a result, the most complex of data can be broken and mapped for easy understanding. By outsourcing data interpretation requirements much of the complexities associated with deciphering data generated from multiple sources can be drastically reduced.

  • Reveal Important Insights

    The objective of data tabulation is to get improved insights. However, with data generated from numerous sources, getting a nuanced interpretation of data can be a challenge. We will professionally map and display data in a table, thus making it easy for businesses to interpret the data most accurately and take proper decisions.

  • Drive Business Results with Data

    Businesses require to correlate data to improve decision making, create opportunities, cut down on risks, and in the process reach their goals. We work as an extended team of an organization to help them meet their goal. Our extensive knowledge helps in supporting many modern business processes with the right cross tabulation analysis.

  • Understand Business Patterns

    Businesses need to understand emerging patterns to make use of early market opportunities. For this, they need to gather and analyze data and map them with present and past developments. Our cross-tabulation data analysis services assist businesses to do this mapping precisely and glean information for discovering trends, patterns, and opportunities in their data.

Client Success Stories

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O2I Provided Primary Research Services to Leading Chinese Trade Consultants

A leading Chinese client required robust and reliable primary research services. We provided professional research assistants who delivered cost-effective services to the client.

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O2I Provided Secondary Research Services to a Swiss Hospitality Company

O2I Provided Secondary Research Services to a Swiss Hospitality Company

A leading Swiss hospitality service provider was looking for reliable and accurate secondary research services. We provided the client with high-quality services within a quick time.

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Outsource Cross Tabulation Analysis Services to Outsource2india


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Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in providing cross-tabulation services for businesses and institutions. Our clients have banked on our innovative, customized, and consistent research services to make financial research, market research, and performance analysis more sharp and precise. Our skilled analysts have wide experience in identifying business problems and analyzing market data to bring key business insights to your table. We have, over the years, assisted organizations across several industry verticals to gain complete control over complex marketing and financial research objectives.

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