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Outsource Competitive Intelligence Research Services

Competitive Intelligence Research Services

Every pharmaceutical scientist is aware of the aggressive competition in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Competitive intelligence research is critical in this industry, and identifying competitor's terrain, development direction, pricing strategy, target, etc. is crucial. Data derived from competitive intelligence helps pharmaceutical companies in market positioning and drives valuable decisions that can evolve into effective marketing and sales strategy.

Outsource2india offers these Competitive intelligence research services exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry. When combined with our knowledge and infrastructure, we offer accurate, detailed, and thorough competitive intelligence research data that allows pharmaceutical companies to compete globally. O2I has some of the best in-house researchers, who are not just data scientists but also analysts who can help both established pharmacies and small biotech startups to compete in this fast moving market.

Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence Research Services We Offer

O2I's competitive intelligence research services are used by both the big players and start-ups in the pharmaceutical industry to make a successful entry into current and emerging markets. Our research helps management and leadership take quality decisions by effectively positioning themselves in the market. Through our competitive intelligence services we collect and analyze competitor information in areas such as -

  1. Competitor R&D Strategy
  2. Competitor Product Pipeline
  3. Competitor Product Life Cycle Management
  4. Competitor Product Launch Time
  5. Competitor Sales Force Assessment
  6. Competitor Distribution and Marketing Channels
  7. Competitor Key Messaging
  8. Competitor Target Identification

Research Process We Follow

O2I's competitive intelligence research strategies are executed based on business needs. Backed by experienced data scientists and analysts, pharmaceutical companies receive competitive intelligence data to position themselves ahead of competition. With a robust process flow in, we ensure that the desired business goals and needs are met. Our competitive intelligence research process includes -

Define Project

Discuss, explore, and map requirements along with the client

Outline Objectives

Discuss competition, gather business information, and determine objectives

Create Goal

Examine business needs and set research goals

Designate Research

Examine and set up potential research strategies

Initiate Research

Implement research methods and conduct research

Collect Data

Engage in research and collate data

Compile Reports

Create reports and handover to client

Why Outsource Competitive Intelligence Research to O2I?

At Outsource2india, our competitive intelligence research services are delivered on a global scale and offer valuable data to pharmaceutical companies. We have mustered over 10 years of experience and worked on competitive intelligence research and analysis with pharmaceutical companies across the world. Some of the reasons to choose O2I for competitive intelligence research are -

  1. Inexpensive Solutions - Our competitive Intelligence Research services are detailed and highly comprehensive, and when outsourced to O2I, it costs just a fraction of the amount spent researching in-house
  2. Prompt Service - We have data analysts whose team size can be scaled up and depending on the volume of research to be undertaken, we deliver well within stipulated timelines
  3. Elaborate Infrastructure - Whether it is basic competitive intelligence research or a worldwide product analysis, O2I is geared with the right infrastructure, analytical tools and methodologies, making us an outsourcing partner by choice
  4. Unmatched Quality - O2I is proud to claim that our research capabilities are second to none. Accurate, high quality, and actionable data is what we offer which is thoroughly analyzed and showcased so it can be used effectively
  5. Worldwide Reach - Pharmaceutical competitor research can be conducted on a global scale, and O2I has a workforce across the world with multiple-language fluency which is to our advantage while conducting international pharmaceutical research
  6. Structured Reporting - O2I provides valuable, simplified and in-depth reports that set the course of action for pharmaceutical help making vital decisions easier for leadership

Choose Outsource2india for Competitive Intelligence Services

Outsource2india has been integral in supporting leading pharmaceutical companies to establish their brands and helped them across various levels of pharmaceutical research. We have led the foray in competitive research analysis and partnering with us would truly give pharmaceutical companies the edge over competition.

Contact us now, for competitive intelligence services in the pharmaceutical industry and our data scientists will help find the right data based on the requirements.

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