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Outsource Web Research Report on Relationship Marketing for Amazon.com

Web Research Report on Relationship Marketing for Amazon

Amazon.com is considered to be leader in e-commerce. It started as an online bookstore and now has ventured into many diverse areas such as grocery, CDs and DVDs, electronics, and even apparels. Since its inception, Amazon.com has made many strategic acquisitions to gain dominance in technology and research, and has laid claim to being one of the world's foremost customer centric companies by introducing many innovative features such as one-click ordering technology, customer reviews, personalization features, etc. It has also attained and attracted new customer bases by forging new international relationships and with the help of viral marketing. Therefore, when it comes to forward-thinking companies, Amazon is way ahead of the pack by always thinking of new strategies to retain customers and stay ahead of its competition.

3 Ways in Which Amazon Excels in Relationship Marketing

Most people are accustomed to really poor customer relationship management when it comes to big companies, but not so with Amazon. This prevalent and widely used e-commerce marketplace not only does relationship marketing right, but delivers personalized recommendations based on a user's buying history and browsing history to further cement their position as a customer-focused brand. In this web research report we will look at what sets the company apart from the rest -

  1. Data-driven Relationship Marketing

    Amazon leverages the power of big data and web research to power almost all their customer-facing interactions. Their call center representatives not only take service requests while greeting you with your name, but leverage your information available to them so as to make you feel more confident and comfortable. The same can be seen in their extremely targeted emails, which, more often than not, are not only relevant to your Amazon.com search patterns, but also quickly convey the most important content without wasting too much of your time. The more frequently a customer visits the site and opts-in to their newsletters, the better, personalized recommendations they get.

  2. Convenience at the Heart of the Experience

    In this day and age, customers prefer to shop online because of the convenience the whole process allows them. Amazon.com has introduced many technologies and strategies which ensure that their customers can not only access what they are looking for as fast as possible, but also make their purchases while remaining fully confident in Amazon's return and replacement protocols. This hassle-free shopping is further extended with the help of the following -

    • One-click ordering for quick purchases
    • Amazon dash buttons; hardware which can be bought to be installed at home and used to make purchases just by pressing the button
    • Amazon Prime; an exclusive membership option which allows customers to receive their purchases in a day, and based on location, even on the same day as well. This is further coupled with free movie and song streaming options, free Kindle book downloads, etc.
  3. Making e-commerce a Share-worthy Experience

    Although shopping has always been a social experience, there are many reasons why e-commerce shopping is not considered one. By default, people buy what they want on e-commerce sites alone, thereby removing the social aspect. But when it comes to Amazon.com, their relationship marketing team has made it even easier for customers to share their experiences with friends and families alike.

    After customers make a purchase, they are given the option to conveniently share their purchase on a social media channel of their own choice, or send it by email. This not only works as a mode of free advertising for them, but the feedback they garner from customers after they make their purchases allows them to improve their services further on.

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