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Outsource Web-Based Market Research Process at Outsource2india

Outsource2india has been in the realm of providing knowledge process outsourcing for over 25 years and has leapfrogged its nearest competitors to become the best in the business. Our web-based market research services have served customers in the US and the UK for years and have matched international standards. Our satisfied customers stand proof to our focused and complete approach to web-based market research. Our detailed and thorough process ensures accuracy, high quality output and most importantly, customer appreciation. Our approach has been chiseled into the perfect shape over the years and has undergone modifications by utilizing client feedback and keeping up-to-date with the trends and technology of today’s rapidly changing world.

Process flow

Customer query analysis
Customer query analysis
Online data collection
Online data collection
Reliability of data sources & websites
Reliability of data sources & websites
Data accuracy
Data relevance to query
Data relevance to query
Verification of reference links
Verification of reference links
Data verification
Production of Standardized report
Production of standardized report

The Web-Based Market Research Process - A brief outline

At Outsource2india, our general approach to any project starts by understanding the customer requirement exactly. Keeping this as our goal motivates us and allows a more focused approach to the project. With specialists in the field handling each step of the project, you are guaranteed of useful and reliable outputs that meet your needs exactly.

Analyzing the customer’s query for its exact requirements is our primary motive. We then develop key words to look for data and perform an internet search for all related data. This data is then collected and grouped accordingly. The data is checked for validity and reliability. The authenticity of the websites is also a valuable step in ensuring quality as existing data can be spread over several websites. The accuracy of the process depends heavily on the standard of the data that it uses. Quality checks are undertaken to verify the accuracy of the data and the extent of its relevance to the query. With the data collected we perform further data collection to receive any additional information that might be necessary. This new data is again verified for authenticity. An analysis is performed on the data and a detailed and thorough report is produced.

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