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Annotation & Bounding Box Services for a Visual Search & Image Recognition Company

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Know how Outsource2india provided Bounding Box and Annotation Services for 1 Million images for a Singapore-based company.

The Client

Outsource2india (O2I) was contacted by a visual search and image recognition company. The client offers visual tech APIs to businesses with large image databases that want to simplify search inside their own website or mobile platforms.

Situation - Business Needs

The client required a partner who could create bounding boxes and annotations for 1 million images of apparels and accessories. They needed their partner to identify the product being displayed on a website, highlight or select that product by drawing a bounding box around it, and tag the product from a predefined list provided by the client. This was required for a database of images of different types of apparels and accessories that included shirts, pants, neckties, watches, belts, etc.


There were several challenges faced during the course of completing the project. These included the following -

  • Since this technology was new, the client too was in a trial phase. As a result, the initial instructions were somewhat unclear and lacked detail. This lead to a large volume of work needing to be redone and time loss against the deadline
  • A large number of products in the client's database were not categorized properly. This again proved to be a challenge as the team had to invest extra time in categorizing the products first and then tagging them
  • Because human intelligence and experience with the products was at times needed in categorizing the products, it proved challenging in many situations
  • The turnaround time for 1 million images was 30 days. This was quite challenging given the large volume of images

The Outsource2india Solution

To ensure we were able to meet the requirements of the client and avoid any extended delays, Outsource2india performed the following in developing a solution for this client -

  • Three resources were assigned for the project to ensure timely completion
  • The Outsource2india team was trained on the use of the CRM software and platforms utilized by the client
  • Samples were developed at the start of the project based on the client's guidelines to gauge the team's performance and ensure efficiency
  • Each product was categorized and placed in a "bucket", which involved tagging that item from the predefined list that the client provided at the start of the project
  • Status reports were provided to the client every two days throughout the course of the project
  • New categories were created in key situations in which none fit the images provided by the client

The Results

Through careful attention to detail and preparation for the project in advance of the requirements set out by the client, the Outsource2india team was able to meet deadlines and accuracy guidelines as follows -

  • The team achieved 100% accuracy throughout the project, meeting the client's quality benchmark
  • Despite the challenges faced during the course of the project, the O2I team had completed and delivered it to the client in just 30 days
  • The client was highly satisfied with the project results and assigned another large batch of images to O2I

By providing the highest quality level of service for the client, the Outsource2india team was able to ensure the timely and accurate completion of this project. As a result, a long term relationship was established with the client.

Our team has vast expertise at offering custom data entry solutions including data extraction, data cleansing, data conversion, and data mining. If you plan to outsource bounding box or annotation and tagging services, contact Outsource2india today and receive efficient services at affordable prices.

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