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World's #1 Agricultural Intelligence Platform Gets Image Tagging Services from O2I

Case Study on Image Tagging for Agricultural Intelligence Platform

The Client

Based in Israel, the client is a cutting-edge agricultural intelligence platform that gives farmers and agronomists easy access to plant and crop information through visualized maps, reports, graphs, and insights. These reports enable them to evaluate from year to year, detect, and predict crop problems early on and react quickly.

The Requirement

The client's unique advantage is predicting crop disease and pest occurrence to let farmers plan ahead and ensure crop safety. They use over 100 satellites to take crop imagery and detect anomalies when they are as small as 3mm in size.

They also detect fertilizer, soil, weed, pest, and disease problems and prioritize them for further investigation. The agronomist or farmer views and analyzes the client's findings contained in the reports and images and plans accordingly.

The client required a data management provider to assist them in analyzing the satellite images for various crops, including soya, potato, etc., and tag the images that showed any sign of pestilence, destruction, defoliation, etc.

Project Challenges faced by O2I

The challenges faced during the project implementation were -

  • Only part of the leaves were visible at times
  • The presence of weeds made the analysis more difficult
  • The presence of other leaves often blocked or obscured analysis
  • Difficulty in differentiating between defoliation, normal tear, and infestation
  • Each plant and crop had its own set of image analysis conditions
  • High-level of accuracy was required while analyzing the images

O2I's Solution

O2I analyzed the client's need and offered the client a quality test (trial). The client provided O2I with online manuals and trained six full-time resources online for two days. A trial was conducted with 150 images.

The trial involved the following process -

  • Logging onto the tool with client provided login credentials
  • Selecting a batch of plant or crop images
  • Analyzing the images to identify the presence of pestilence, defoliation, etc.
  • Tagging the image (if required)
  • Saving the images back into the tool and logging out

The Result

We successfully completed the trial within two days. Based on the success of the trial, the client signed a full-time contract with O2I for their ongoing work. We have assigned thirty full-time resources to tag 1,000 images (50,000 tags per day). The client increased the volume to 100,000 images.

The client obtained a high cost savings (70 percent). The client mentioned that they were more than satisfied with the output especially our precision findings and speed. They also added that O2I had provided superior image analysis as compared to previous providers.

Outsource Image Tagging Services to Outsource2india

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