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Real Estate Title Support Services

Outsource Real Estate Title Support Services

Get dedicated and timely title search and support services for real estate at budget-friendly rates

Mortgaging real estate involves high financial stakes for any business and even a small mistake can lead to huge monetary losses for the business. To avert any future discrepancies and losses, a careful inspection of title details is essential. Title ordering, insurance, financial analysis, transfer of title, etc., are crucial aspects of reviewing real estate titles.

Outsource2india, a distinguished real estate title support service providing company, offers meticulous and speedy real estate title support services to rev up the deal closing process. Our team of accountants, CPAs, auditors, and other professionals have expertise in the field and can help your team focus on the core functions of your business. With a creditable experience in the industry, we follow a linear and structured approach towards real estate title search services, helping businesses smoothen the entire process.

Real Estate Title Support Services

From mortgage lenders, private bankers to financial institutions, we can cater to real estate title search and support services for all industry types with complete confidentiality and accuracy. As the leading real estate title support service provider, we offer the following solutions -

  1. Title Search

    Title Search

    Under the title search services, we offer -

    • Inspection of the real estate property
    • Verification of the previous title owners
    • Compiling details of the seller or the settlement company
  2. Title Ordering

    Title Ordering

    The loan officer provides the real estate title details and we order the title for the property. The key services under title order are -

    • Capturing and validating the details of the real estate title or settlement company
    • Recording the details of the title
    • Following up with the settlement company to obtain the title report
  3. Title Review

    Title Review

    Examining the title policies is one of the most crucial services and our professionals have expertise in carrying them out with precision. Our experts inspect not only the title policies but all the supporting and additional documents like claims, tax reports, liens, etc. Our major title examination services include -

    • Inspecting the title reports and ensuring that there are no illegal deeds
    • Analyzing property history of ownership
    • Mitigating the title transfer risks if any
    • Resolving title property disputes
    • Reviewing title support documents to establish ownership and verify details
    • Validation of property titles
    • Documenting disparities and inaccuracies in the title policies
    • Identifying any property trespassing or encroachment issues
  4. Title Commitment Preparation Services

    Title Commitment Preparation Services

    A title commitment report is a pre-requisite to acquiring title insurance and also plays an instrumental role in building customer and seller relationships as it entails essential data about the property title. Preparation of title commitment report involves services like -

    • Documenting title search and examination reports
    • Rectifying any defects in the title policies
    • Acquiring data for commitment easement, restrictions, tax status, etc.
    • Assuring speedy closure of transactions by the lender, seller, buyer, and third-party companies
  5. Title Insurance

    Title Insurance

    Insurance of the real estate title is important to avoid any future legal problems. After determining the property title, we help the lender company to order property insurance with the following services -

    • Ordering insurance for the real estate property of the lender
    • Reviewing the insurance documents for any defects and missing information
    • Coordination with the carriers and underwriters for accurate documentation and preparation of title insurance policy
  6. Policy Production Services

    Policy Production Services

    We can help companies develop final title policy by -

    • Creating short-form, long-form, and owner policies
    • Final examination of title records before issuing the policy to establish the true property owner
    • Advancing the title policies to the new owner party
  7. Settlement Support and Closing Services

    Settlement Support and Closing Services

    We help lenders and sellers close the property deal and secure a lucrative business. Under settlement and closing services we offer the following services -

    • Organizing all the title documents
    • Coordinating with lender, seller, and buyer for title policy signing
    • Dealing with policy collateral issues
    • Managing the costs of title policy charges
  8. Specialized Real-estate-Owned (REO) Report Services

    Specialized Real-estate-Owned (REO) Report Services

    Real estate brokers and agents need extensive REO reports and it can become challenging for them. As an expert real estate title support service providing company, our REO specialists can review property offers, REO report generation, ensuring property security, valuation, and other personalized services.

Our Real Estate Title Support Process

The time and resources invested by the companies to carry out real estate title support services are invaluable, and we fully understand their importance. We follow a well-structured process to offer top-notch real estate title support services -


01. Examination

After establishing the title support needs of the clients, we carefully inspect the title and other supporting documents.


02. Pre-qualification

Verification of all the documents is undertaken and sent for approval to the client.


03. Application

Our team begins drafting application for title policy and insurance.


04. Underwriting and commitment

Intimating the involved parties regarding signature requirements, receiving and transferring of files, and documenting all the information regarding title policy.


05. Insurance policy and pre-closure tasks

Based on the previous steps, our team applies for the title insurance policy to safeguard the rights of all parties and eliminate any future ambiguity.


06. Deal closure

We help parties mutually close the deal and transfer the title. Our team also undertakes any support services required by the clients regarding the project.

Major Sectors We Serve

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Government Agencies

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Why Choose O2I for Outsourcing Real Estate Title Support Services?

With over 25 years of expertise, Outsource2india can help provide cost-effective services tailored to the real estate industry. We employ the best practices in the industry to provide you with faster turnaround times and deliver your projects on time.

  • By outsourcing real estate title support services to O2I you are assured of getting exceptional-class services from the best talent in the world because as we say, our team is our pride.
  • Our comprehensive work process, multi-level quality control measures, and streamlined approach lead to accurate title support services to our clients.
  • As an ISO-certified real estate title support service providing company, all our processes, and operations are in-sync with the statutory guidelines and compliances, making us one of the most reliable outsourcing companies.
  • We adhere to stringent information safety measures and protection for all our clients.
  • We have the aid of best-in-class infrastructure, software tools, and automated technical support to double the efficiency of our team thus offering you the fastest turnarounds.
  • We offer economical packages for our title support services making us favorable for small, medium, and individual businesses also.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Facilitated a Mortgage Valuation Company to Meet Appraisal Service Deadline

O2I Facilitated a Mortgage Valuation Company to Meet Appraisal Service Deadline

A mortgage valuation company approached O2I for appraisal support because the people hired as appraisers had failed to deliver results.

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O2I Shortened the Closing Cycle for a Reputed Lender

O2I Shortened the Closing Cycle for a Reputed Lender

The client had approached Outsource2india for streamlining their existing closing cycle. We trained our professionals to handle the closing process at the client's end. We optimized their workflow and brought enriched results.

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