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Mortgage Case Studies

High-quality services, faster turnaround time, timely project delivery, and affordable prices always lead to higher client satisfaction, and make up for great success stories. If you are looking for inspirational customer service in Mortgage and want to turnaround your business, Outsource2india can be your perfect partner.

Have a look at the mortgage success stories from Outsource2india that vouch for our efficiency and accuracy in delivering mortgage services -

O2I Efficient Back-Office Support Ensured 50% Cost Savings for A National Mortgage Lender

The client approached Outsource2india and partnered with us to ensure greater in-house efficiency. As an ever-expanding mortgage lender with two rapidly growing business entities, the client needed enhanced business scalability and shorter loan cycles.

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Outsource2india Helped a New York-Based Credit Union to Reduce Operational Costs By 40%

The client needed enhanced flexibility and a reliable outsourcing partner to facilitate and streamline business processes. The best outcome of this project was that we could help the client significantly reduce the time and costs associated with constant hiring and training.

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Outsource2india Deployed 450+ FTEs To Provide Exceptional Back-office Support to A National Lender

We made operational scalability feasible for the client's internal team. The partnership that started with just 4-5 staff went on to include 450+ FTEs. Currently, the client is one of the top national retail independent mortgage bankers with a 10-day closing promise.

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O2I's MSuite Streamlined Loan Onboarding Process and Tightened TAT for a US Lender

Check out this case study that outlines the problems in the client’s loan onboarding and how it was resolved with agility and accuracy by Outsource2india’s MSuite tool. The case study touches on the specific ways how we brought the client a much-needed efficiency to handle volume with little manpower.

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O2I's MSuite Improved Indexing & Reduced Dependencies for a US-based Lender

Let us walk you through the process in which we helped a US-based lender by enhancing their document indexing performance besides enhancing their ability to take the most inexpensive operational path. You will also be introduced to the specific areas where MSuite proves its efficiency with measurable results.

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O2I's MSuite Improved Loan Packaging and File Review for a US-based Lender

Read this case study to understand the specific challenges that prompted the US client to approach us for a local and global solution. We deployed the MSuite tool in their FTP to capture loan files and verify the availability before orderly indexing them for speedier loan origination.

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O2I's Workflow-based Loan Processing Helped Residential Mortgage Lender Cut Delays and Improve Business ROI

Outsource2india provided high-quality workflow-based loan processing services to a reputed residential mortgage lender. Our high-quality solutions helped the client cut delays and improve business ROI.

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Leading US Residential Lender Leveraged MSuite - O2I's Automated Solution to Significantly Reduce Loan Closing Time

A leading US residential lender was being held back by slow document collection as well as a tedious and cumbersome data validation process. We provided a solution that reduced processing time from 10 to 4 days and also provided other benefits.

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O2I Streamlined the Underwriting Processes of a Leading US Residential Lender Using Automation

A leading US residential lender was facing low underwriting productivity resulting in poor loan quality and massive loan backlogs. We provided a solution that improved the underwriting productivity by 2 times along with many other benefits.

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Outsource2india Provided Title Search Services to a Title Settlement and Insurance Firm

Outsource2india provided high-quality title search services to a reputed title settlement and insurance firm. We provided high-quality solutions that helped the client reduce manpower and other costs, improve turnaround times, and manage its seasonal load more efficiently.

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O2I Shortened the Closing Cycle for a Reputed Lender

The client had approached Outsource2india for streamlining their existing closing cycle. We trained our professionals to handle closing process at client's end. We optimized their work flow and brought enriched results.

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O2I Facilitated a Mortgage Valuation Company to Meet Appraisal Service Deadline

A mortgage valuation company approached O2I for appraisal support because the people hired as appraisers had failed to deliver results. The solution offered by us met the client’s expectation within the deadline.

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O2I Provided Compelling Solution for Faster and Error-free Underwriting

Our team assisted the client to clear off loan underwriting backlog, handle increase in loan volume, lowered operational expense, and enhanced client confidence through vigorous and accurate underwriting service.

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O2I Expedited Pre-purchase Review Process for a Correspondent Lender

The mounting backlogs and reluctance to hire a full-time pre-purchase reviewer was a challenge to the client. This was overcome with ease by outsourcing pre-purchase review services to Outsource2india. We delivered assured results in less than 2 months.

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Mortgage Services Case Study by O2I

A US based mortgage lender approached Outsource2india for help in their mortgage closing cycle and minimized their operational costs by 40-50%.

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Streamlined Mortgage Services for a Residential Mortgage Lender - A Case Study by O2I

Our customer was a prominent residential mortgage lender with an average closing period of two to three months, and was unable to process loans quickly.

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Case Study on Mortgage Valuation Services for a Valuation Company

A valuation company owner experienced 25% increase in business and 50% cost reduction with mortgage valuation services provided by Outsource2india.

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Leading Mortgage Lender Experienced 15% Increase in Business with Our Mortgage Underwriting Services

US based customer approached Outsource2india, as his in-house team of underwriters was not able to manage the increase in volume. Outsource2india provided him with a dedicated team of underwriters and helped him get business back on track.

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