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O2I Facilitated a Mortgage Valuation Company to Meet Appraisal Service Deadline

Case Study on Appraisal Support for Mortgage Valuation Company

The Client

The client we worked with is a growth-driven valuation company based out of Spring, Texas. They had a strong footprint in 5 counties - Ford Bend, Brazoria, Montgomery, Galveston, and Harris.

Client Requirement

Initially, the client hired appraisers to handle the QC checks of appraisals. However, the outsourced party had delegated the tasks to individual appraisers scattered across the States. The result was a complete botch up that was difficult to fix. With the deadline fast approaching, the client took no chance and quickly contacted us as a Hail Mary move.

Project Challenges

The outsourced project manifested challenges that we handled with prudence. We had to overcome the following requirement with accuracy -

  • Ensuring the accuracy of the report
  • Adhering to deadlines
  • Coping with 3X loan file volume
  • Achieving guidelines specified by broker/lender
  • Making sure that resources were adequate

Our Solution

After samples were analyzed, our team concluded with the finding that the previous provider incorporated a "slap and dash" strategy in the appraisal. They relied on the first comparable sales to carry out the valuation. We appointed expert appraisers to recover lost time and effort so that the value is in spec with the regulations. Our team had a TAT of 4-6 hours with an accuracy rate of nearly 98%.

The team was assembled that included appraisers 9experienced and new hires). We selected appraisers on the merits of experience, certification, time-management skills, and analytics. Therefore, we adhered to the federal requirement that mandated hiring certified appraisers alone for the task. We added more members to the payroll to ensure timeliness in delivery.

After onboarding, the recruited members were trained in best appraisal methodologies without falling back on the legally mandated quality requirement. We learned about the client's guidelines and up-to-date appraisal reports before the project began. A standardized checklist was created to guarantee transparency and consistent results. Our checklist listed factors such as location, market, improvement, neighborhood, age & market that required appraiser revisions. The complicated issues had to be highlighted along with the creation of a hierarchy level for sending QC reports. The discrepancies that warranted manual checks were processed at multiple levels. In a combined effort we met the expectation of the client with 98% accuracy.

The Results

The client leveraged our support to achieve their deadlines without falling back on work quality. The client recovered their reputation that was hurt in the process and earned the confidence of borrowers. Having felt elated with the outcome, the client took the next step in outsourcing 80% of their mortgage processing tasks to O2I. The following benefits were delivered to the client by O2I -

  • Reduction of TAT to 2 hours from 24 hours
  • Steeply reduced the lender revision request
  • 40% reduction in the operational expenses
  • Business volume from existing clients jumped by 25%
  • Enhanced the client's bandwidth to handle more customers

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